Tuesday, 31 May 2011


Today I am...

...enjoying my study of the brain, this is the third chapter in my journey through Intro to Psych.
...excited about the Gospel-Centered Marriage Conference this October! Anyone planning on going? Let me know!
...working on this adorable cardi for my newest niece--so sweet.
...reminded how much I love knitting for the special people in my life (see above).
...savoring what I heard in this wonderful sermon: Facts About Joy.
...inspired by this lookbook.
...wondering why exactly a wee cup of coffee makes me so extremely jittery.
...wishing the above statement was not true, as I love the taste and smell of coffee, especially the kind my dear Mum makes. It's a wonderful social center for us, and I have to pretend with my teeny drop and lots of cream!
...still very much in love with green smoothies (I think/hope it will be a lifelong thing).
...missing my sister, yes, I know I just saw her Sunday...
...wanting a skirt, heels, and basket just like the ones in the picture above.
...loving my new headband! (more on that later)

How was your day?


Anonymous said...

Loved the hat you sent Julie for little Jalyn. It was so cute. I can't wait to share your site with our friends! Natalie

Elena said...

Thank you, Aunt Natalie! I hope she enjoys it. :) It's so encouraging to have such a supportive family!


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