Tuesday, 28 February 2012

dear kyleigh

 Dear Kyleigh,

First of all, Mica and I miss you dreadfully. It seems that every day we talk about the wonderful times we had in Dubai and how we treasure the time spent getting to know you. Though it's still too soon to talk about visiting again (our dear family must still recover from the six week separation), I am looking forward to it.

Secondly, I wanted to let you know how pleasantly surprised I was to be tagged in your post! It's been quite a while since I participated in something like this but here we go!

This is an open tag, so anyone who would like to participate is welcome.

1. Sometimes I have a green smoothie, an orange, and banana with peanut butter and honey for breakfast, love those mornings.
2. Thus far I have traveled to eight countries.
3. Oh, bother, this is rather awkward...
4. I love traveling.
5. My favorite films include but are certainly not limited to Life is Beautiful, The Bourne Trilogy, Return to Me, Braveheart, Sherlock Holmes, The Young Victoria, and...
6. I regularly make biscotti for my doctor (after all, who wants to be remembered by their medical chart?)
7. Pavlova is something I am still trying to master (love eating it but have trouble making it...)
8. Decorating, wedding/event planning, knitting, crafting, collecting are hobbies I make a business of doing.
9. Learning different accents and languages is something I love doing.
10. I rarely get the opportunity but I love horseback riding and performing on the stage (not simultaneously).
11. When I was a little girl, I lived on peanut butter sandwiches and a mexican version of spaghetti o's, played "house" just about every day, and colored and painted when I wasn't playing "house", and whenever we went to the pool I wore three swimsuits---at the same time.

What am I reading right now? Well, I have a few things going right now: Travel guides for France and England, Pygmalion, and The E-Myth Revisited are on our little book table in the bathroom, Muslims and Christians at the Table and Family Shepherds are books I've been slowly reading through, and I'm speed reading Girls Like Us.
What's one that that's impacted my life more than anything else? Wow, this one brings to mind many things but the biggest one that stands out is 2 Corinthians 4; since being saved, this passage has been one that I continually read and refer to many times during many seasons of my life. I've seen hardships, trials, joys, and times of wonderful normalcy, in each of these (and many in between) the book of 2 Corinthians and specifically chapter four has come to mind.
What's my favorite noise? It would have to be a collection of babies cooing, church bells, a thunderstorm, the ocean, deep and rich cello notes, and the sound of uncontrollable, belly-aching laughter.
What's the weirdest food I've eaten? Escargot, by far. It was a stormy day when we girls were stuck in an airport, just wanting to get on a plane (was that too much to ask??).
What's my favorite game? I really enjoy playing group games like "Empire" and "Charades", group games of hide and seek are pretty fun too. ; )
What would I do if the world was going to end tomorrow? Hm...that's an excellent question...
If I could be a movie/book/tv character, who would I be and why? What a question, well, after MUCH thought, I can't seem to think of anyone else besides Jane Bennet and Elinor Dashwood (not sure what is the source of the Austen tendency but there you have it).
Scuba diving or rock climbing? I'd love to give scuba diving a try one day, though I do love a good mountain hike (probably because you can have conversations at the same time, not so with underwater activities).
Where's my favorite place in all the world? Call me sentimental but my favorite place is to be with people I love. As I was looking back to all the places I've lived and visited I remember that I only went to those places because my family or dear friends were there. Now, sentiments aside, I absolutely loved being in Germany, Europe in general and Germany specifically. We had a great experience there and I'd love to go back someday. Scotland, I'd love to go there too...
What's my favorite weather? Well, here in Houston it can be cold, rainy, sunny, and breezy all in the same day. After much deliberation, I decided that it might have been better for me to have a multiple personality disorder (just kidding!!) because I love a breezy, sunny, warm day on the beach and a grey day with a crisp breeze and slight rain (with a cup of something please).
What's my favorite conversation starter? Whenever I meet people, I try to use my Sherlock deducing skills and observe as much as I can about the other person, then ask questions that will confirm or deny my observations (Are you from Pakistan? What sort of band do you play in? How long have you been a celiac?). I love talking with people, especially people who like to share about themselves.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

new tidings

We're taking a brief break from our regular blogging schedule to fill you in on a few of the happenings.
First, I wanted to show you the new listings in the etsy shop! If you've been looking for a dessert pedestal or place to lay your keys, our new vintage inspired dessert pedestal will do the trick! Perfect for dainty delectables or any collections of items, these two dessert stands are sturdy, upcycled, and quite vintage.

As always, we love doing international shipping and gift wrapping, so please let us know in a message or "note to seller" if you require either/both---we're very happy to oblige!

Also new in the etsy shop is yet another hip, fun nursing cover! Don't you think Amy Butler fabrics make breastfeeding in public so fashionable? We are really loving the stormy grey/warm pumpkin combination, the light blue adds an interesting dynamic to the fabric.

As I were listing this item, I realized how many different names there are for this one item!
Nursing cape, nursing cover, breastfeeding apron, hooter hider, and breastfeeding cover just to name a few;
what do you like to call them?
This week I'll be meeting with a few people to discuss an upcoming work opportunity (more on that later) and preparing for a baby shower, among other things (like chasing little munchkins, having tea parties, eating raw macaroons, making biscotti, and braiding hair). Around this time last year, I was preparing for the bridal shower of a sweet friend, now I am preparing a baby shower for the same friend---it's very sweet. :)
Also, I am working on a few projects for my crafty partner in the Oh, Hello Friend Shop Swap; this will be my first and I've really enjoyed it so far, pictures to come soon!

What sorts of tidings does your week hold?

Saturday, 4 February 2012

how I got started (part one)

It was the fall of  1980ish when my parents met at the bright age of twelve---just kidding, this post is about how I got started with Lemons and Blueberries; though my parents did meet at a bright, young age, I wanted to tell you more about the how's and why's of my craft business. So, get cozy and a cup of whatever-you-like, we'll be here for a bit. ;)

Creating things began about fifteenish years ago, when my parents made the decision to educate us girly girls at home (though I was coloring and playing dress-up long before then); what started off as a decision to keep me home for health reasons (I was a pretty pathetic asthmatic child) turned into a desire to give us a better, wholesome educated; something in which we could learn at our own pace, avoid the influences of playground conversation, and most importantly, being taught to fear and honor the Lord. All of this gave my sisters and I opportunities to color, read, play, and learn in different ways. We tearfully persevered through mathmatics, thrived in Literature and History, and learned to be excited about the Sciences; we went on countless field trips (from blood banks to donut shops),  wrote many reports and papers, gained much book and head knowledge, read thousands of books, spent a semester pretending we were Laura Ingalls volunteering as reenacter's, and whenever we had the slightest opportunity, we rode horses and swam until it grew dark. Additionally, my Dad spent much time teaching us to prioritize our time, use it well, and make the most of our opportunities; he signed us up for art fairs, sports, and all sorts of things we thought we didn't want to do---later learning that we loved it (I'm the only one who didn't do well in any kind of sport, no surprise). At very young ages, he and my Mama encouraged us to get out of our routines and try new things; sometimes it was fun and other times we came home dejected and tired. When I was twelve, we moved to Germany for about six months---it was one of the best sixth months of our lives (remember, I was only twelve). We learned German, walked everywhere, gained appreciation for a plethora of new things, and grew so much closer together as a family. That trip is probably what awakened our gypsy-like love for traveling and going to new places. :) How does this all connect with Lemons and Blueberries? It definitely got me started with the character aspects of a business; anyone can sell their craft and make a few bucks (that's U.S. dollars for you international readers), but to create a sustainable, lasting business one requires more. I've learned that planning, prioritizing, diligent work, and sound wisdom from others can make all the difference; and looking back, I can see how my parents prepared me by instilling these habits and character qualities from a young age. Now, making the transition from a hobby to actually making a selling a product was a bit of a challenge but...

And that concludes this part of the story! Tune in Monday for part two!


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