Tuesday, 31 May 2011


Today I am...

...enjoying my study of the brain, this is the third chapter in my journey through Intro to Psych.
...excited about the Gospel-Centered Marriage Conference this October! Anyone planning on going? Let me know!
...working on this adorable cardi for my newest niece--so sweet.
...reminded how much I love knitting for the special people in my life (see above).
...savoring what I heard in this wonderful sermon: Facts About Joy.
...inspired by this lookbook.
...wondering why exactly a wee cup of coffee makes me so extremely jittery.
...wishing the above statement was not true, as I love the taste and smell of coffee, especially the kind my dear Mum makes. It's a wonderful social center for us, and I have to pretend with my teeny drop and lots of cream!
...still very much in love with green smoothies (I think/hope it will be a lifelong thing).
...missing my sister, yes, I know I just saw her Sunday...
...wanting a skirt, heels, and basket just like the ones in the picture above.
...loving my new headband! (more on that later)

How was your day?

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Wedding Thoughts

Saturday was my first wedding to be something other than a flower girl or guest.
I was very honored to assist in planning the wedding of a sweet friend and learned many things like corsage making, tulle draping, plant renting, planning, and making excel sheets (new favorite hobby).
We took this time that we were all spit shined and dressy to take some family pictures.
My family, along with the happy Bride and Groom--don't they look smashing?

Here are our dear friends/partners in crime.
They were instant wedding help and we really couldn't have gone smoothly without them;
like crazy people, we went over to their house after the wedding was over and staying long into the night just relaxing and talking.
All in all, it was a wonderful experience and I hope to do it again sometime.

Hello Tuesday

{the Edible Dom--who is not just one, he's two now!}

So, my weekend was filled with plans, checklists, flower arranging,
witnessing sweet, wedded bliss, and lots of Odwalla drinks (Okay, just two ;).
It was positively wonderful--but more on that later!
{Not only does he melt your heart, but he plays croquet too.}

For now, here are some updates on what's been going on.
Currently in my knitting bag are: an eggplant hat for a wee Webb addition and the beginnings of my second baby sweater! I'm using this five hour project from Ravelry and I just love it.
Pictures to come...
{Dommi and Nani, with the remainders of his mohawk.}

{Lucy Pevin--I mean, Mia, with a hearty battle cry on her tongue.}


Yes, you may have guessed, we're headed to Austin tomorrow for Dom's birthday (Didn't I tell you we're part gypsy?), that means fresh pictures of the stickies, lots of hugs, reading books aloud, playing lots of imaginary games, gluten-free bakery testing, and homemade tortillas
--God is good.

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Bells Are Still Ringing

{Source is unknown/forgotten, sorry!}

Just as a heads up, this space is about to get pretty quiet for the next few days!
Make that until Monday, with a wedding on Saturday,
I'll be busy preparing/shopping/sewing/writing lists and
won't be able to write a decent post until then.
Thankfully, each day has it's own tasks and-Lord willing!-things will run smoothly, and I'm very grateful to say that with all of the things to do and places to go, I'm not at all stressed or frazzled.
Praise the Lord for that!
Everything is planned and in my room I have a growing pile of
"Things to take on Saturday", "Things to take Friday", and I am starting to set aside things for my "Go To" bag; that will contain very important things like my favorite Odwalla drink to keep me on my toes, Larabars to help me not be munching on the baklava all day, hairspray for the bride, hair pins for the bride, comfortable second pair of shoes, and--well, you get the idea.
I really can't tell you how much I've enjoyed this time and how excited I am for Saturday's events to take place.

Before you go to your next internet destination, here are some parting thoughts:
(FYI, I went a little link happy, now you know!)

So, I'll bid you all adieu until then,
have a great weekend everyone!

Monday, 16 May 2011

And How Does That Make You Feel?

{My dear Maggie, who used to be my affectionate sleeping buddy
and is now a free and mouse-catching farm cat.}

Today I've started studying for my psychology exam, yep, that's what I said too.
Though I'm only in the first 48 pages of the textbook, I must confess that I'm finding
it all terribly interesting, despite the liberal leanings, I'm really enjoying it so far.
However, after reading the first 48 pages, I'm thinking that now would be a good time
to begin reading Jay Adam's Competent to Counsel, which I'm told is an excellent
resource for Biblical counseling.
More thoughts on psychology and Freud are soon to come, I'm sure. ;)

Aside from that, this week is devoted to purchasing the edible and non-edible goods for the wedding, as well as sewing beads to trim a certain veil. As I love multi-tasking, I've been listening to the fascinating mysteries of Sherlock Holmes while I sew, it's so entertaining!
I'm still (slowly but surely, just like the turtle) working of projects for the newest addition to my sister's family. An eggplant hat and green sweater are in order, as well as, booties and diaper covers (in times past they were wool sweaters).
As gifts, I will be knitting this beautiful Cedar Leaf shawlette
for some special ladies, isn't the pattern lovely?
All of that will go along much faster next week (read: after the wedding)!

How is your Monday looking?

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Frei. Libre. Libero.

Don't you just love free tutorials/DIY's?
I'm a big fan of them as I really enjoy recreating what I see in magazines or
stores (I'm sure you know what I mean!).
Well, Grosgrain Fabulous is doing a free DIY for the month of May--
I know, I'm excited too; "Free" and "DIY" are on my list of favorite words.
So, head on over and take a peek at what might fit your fancy!
For myself, I will be looking at thrift shops for a fun patterned dress
so I can turn it into a skirt like this one.
This paperbag skirt is pretty groovy too
(though it may be pushed farther out on the project calendar!)
And finally, as an Aunt to three (almost four!) little stickies,
I think these Dish and Spoon toys are too cute!

Let me know if you end up trying any of the projects!

Have a great Wednesday

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Bells Are Ringing

Well, I think I may have mentioned already how I am helping to plan a friend's wedding!
It's very exciting for quite a few reasons, not the least of which being that this season is a prayer answered for my friend; marriage is something she was (and still is) preparing for and it is a blessing to see how God has brought this to be!
Also, wedding planning (for other people) is something that I've been interested in and reading about for a few years and I'm very excited to get my nose out of the books and experience how things really play out. Today marks the last of the eleven days before the wedding and I am very pleased to say that things are going very smoothly; much of that is owing to my new friend/partner in crime who is also planning the wedding. Her organizational skills and helpful presence add much to our wedding planning team. I've been able to learn much from her and it's been a real pleasure to get to know her better in this process!
I'm sure as the days go on, you'll hear more. : )

That's one of the major things going on lately, what about you?

Thursday, 5 May 2011


Today I was getting ready for the day,
when I came across yesterday's "to-do" list.
I love my "To-Do" lists.
If you haven't started making them, and you'd like to be more organized
(and remember things!), then I'd highly suggest creating one for yourself.
My Dad suggested ranking my items with A, B, and C
according to the order of importance.
Mine looks something like:

Make biscotti-A (check!)
Blog-B (check!)
Read psych book-A
Get beads for project-A
Cast on N and J's hats-C
Practice piano-A

I just loving crossing things off at the end of the day.
It also helps me evaluate how much time I spend on each item and
what I need to be doing first.
I've kind of gotten to the point where things are out of mind if
they're not on "The List", it's pretty bad, BUT if they are
on "The List" then that shouldn't be a problem.
I also have a separate one for knitting and craft projects, so
that I don't get caught forgetting someone's birthday present!

How do you organize your days?

Monday, 2 May 2011

Scones and A Booklist

This weekend, my sisters and I were in a teatime mood, so we quickly brewed a pot of Yorshire Gold and I whipped out my favorite Lemon and Blueberry Scones (yes, a similar recipe to the one that gave me the inspiration for my business name!). I attempted to have my quiet time at the breakfast table but the events of the day cut my time short.
Along with my scripture reading, I am working through The Valley of Vision and To Die is Gain.
On the blog that I contribute to with my sisters, I shared a portion of The Valley of Vision that was a particular blessing to me last week.
To Die is Gain is the story of John and Betty Stam, missionaries to China; I confess that I'm only on the second chapter but so far it covers the early lives of John and Betty. I've been wanting to read more missionary biographies lately (Thank you Mrs. Leonora!) and I think I'm really going to enjoy this one.
What's on your reading list? I find that I go through seasons of reading lots of new and interesting reads and other seasons when I'm happy just to get my study books completed! Right now I'd really like to compile a reading list and discover more good books; the two I mentioned above are on my mental list but I'm still choosing what to be reading next.
As far as computer reading, A Part of the Main, is a recent blog find that I've really enjoyed!
Betsy is the wife of a Biblical scholar who is currently studying in the UK; they have two little girls and lots of what she writes about is the joy and little moments she treasures in her family.
I hope you'll hop over and read her sweet insights into motherhood and what she discovers about her surroundings. Whenever I read I feel an urge to brew a pot of tea and curl up on the sofa--so delightful! I've also added her blog to my {Inspirations} page for future reference and reading! Betsy also has an excellent reading list, that I've taken advantage of in the past few months, and there will be more on that later!
If you're wondering about the trendy gluten-free phase that seems to be going around, have a look at my sister's perspective. Mica blogs at our Pickwick Portfolio blog as well as her own, A Wholesome New World. Recently, she explained more about her own gluten-free experience and shares some tips and resources in her post, Why Do I Eat Gluten-Free?

Happy Monday.


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