Thursday, 5 May 2011


Today I was getting ready for the day,
when I came across yesterday's "to-do" list.
I love my "To-Do" lists.
If you haven't started making them, and you'd like to be more organized
(and remember things!), then I'd highly suggest creating one for yourself.
My Dad suggested ranking my items with A, B, and C
according to the order of importance.
Mine looks something like:

Make biscotti-A (check!)
Blog-B (check!)
Read psych book-A
Get beads for project-A
Cast on N and J's hats-C
Practice piano-A

I just loving crossing things off at the end of the day.
It also helps me evaluate how much time I spend on each item and
what I need to be doing first.
I've kind of gotten to the point where things are out of mind if
they're not on "The List", it's pretty bad, BUT if they are
on "The List" then that shouldn't be a problem.
I also have a separate one for knitting and craft projects, so
that I don't get caught forgetting someone's birthday present!

How do you organize your days?


Miss Eyebright said...

Ah, I am a list person too, although I haven't been doing it much lately. This has inspired me to get back to it though!

I usually add way too many things to my lists, and frantically try to finish them before the day is out. I usually don't, but I think I am more productive. :)

Amy W. said...

I enjoyed reading your post! I love to make lists too! Especially since I tend to have a hard time remembering everything I need to do if I don't. Part of getting older, I guess. ;) I usually draw a star next to the ones that are a priority for me to get done that day. I like the idea of ranking the "to-dos" with A, B, and C.
It is so wonderful to be able to check off the "to-dos" as I get them done throughout the day!



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