Tuesday, 30 October 2012

of the civil wars

There are few bands that I really enjoy. While I consider myself to have an eclectic taste in music, there are only a handful that I can say that I enjoy just about all of their songs. The Civil Wars is on that wee list.
At their concert a few Saturdays ago in the weird, wonderful Austin Texas, they played almost all of my favorite songs and a few new ones. I loved hearing them live, and while I'm a bit petite in stature to really enjoy "the concert experience" (can't. see. anything.) I did enjoy the evening; next time I'll have to go with a tall, unafraid concert buddy. ;) Perhaps my favorite new song they played was Same Old, Same Old~ truly enjoyed this one and am looking forward to a recording available for purchase!

What sort of music do you enjoy? Let me know! I'm always up for expanding my musical horizon.

//photo taken by my fabulous concert buddy and seester, Mica. Edited by Yours Truly.

Monday, 29 October 2012

oh, so grateful

"gratitude turns what we have into enough"

// for sisters, with whom one can bear burdens, share joys, and the bizarre facts of life
// the opportunity to hear Thabiti Anyabwile speak on church membership. so. excellent. (here's a sample from another conference)
// braving the frigid, early morning temperatures with tall, willowy, fellow wedding planning friend. she's amazing and keeps me running when I feel like walking.
// hot tea on cold days
// cold days
// delightful, possible plans of traveling
// white lights strung across the driveway and dinners underneath them
// my sweet Dad who strung said lights across the driveway
// busy schedules and the work they include
// a car that was so graciously gifted to me
// alfred, lord tennyson
// early mornings

Monday, 1 October 2012

hello october// breathe

Home again from The North Carolinian wedding. It was marvelous.
I don't know what I miss more, the sand and sea, the glorious weather, the foods, relaxing views, or the dear friends! The time there was truly a sweet blessing.
If there was a perfect wedding to begin my solo coordinating venture, this was certainly it. The weather wonderfully cooperated with the outdoor wedding, the salty wind kindly swept away ever bug/annoying mosquito and brought in a delightfully cool atmosphere. Champagne toasts and delicious foods followed the sweet, tearful ceremony (yes, it was their first kiss!), and after all of that, the dancing! I must confess that while I have little experience, I love dancing. It's a fabulous addition to any gathering and so much fun when there are willing, unafraid partners. The Bride and Groom rowed away for their wedding exit and fireworks were added to the farewells (the Bride's brother had a lovingly developed plan for their getaway :)
From start to finish, this little bee was quite wonderfully busy! I don't actually remember eating much more than eggs and orange juice in the morning, but then again I don't really remember having an appetite---much too many things to do and see! One of the many things that I realized over the weekend was the "Brain to Paper" aspect; once something was written down, it completely left my head! It's something that can be extremely helpful and so very dangerous at the same time. It remedy the latter, I developed the Sticky Note System; conveniently located on the inside of my wedding binder/brain, I keep all of the urgent, wildly important items that weren't already printed or need my attention. And they're hot pink, which to me, is pretty cool and adds to the "important" factor.
Lest you think I was running around the entire time like a chicken with it's head cut off which I was, I must tell you about one of my favorite times during the wedding day.
The backyard looked just like the end scene from Father of the Bride (empty wine glasses abandoned on empty tables, cake bits littered, chairs moved about, a space once filled with people now bare), only a handful of guests stayed behind for the after party (because nearly every party has an after party); only the necessary amount of chairs situated in a relaxed circle, I filled everyone's glass, some with white, some with red, and some with something bubbly. A light wind was in the air, breezing just enough to blow this curly hair about in a gentle way. There really is something about sitting down with a glass of something at the end of a crazy, busy day. The Father of the Bride sat down with his guitar and serenaded us after-party guests with whatever songs came to mind (his rendition of this wonderful song was probably my favorite of the ones he sang that evening); some danced but the majority of us sank into our chairs and sweaters, drinking in the delightfully relaxing night. It was beautiful. After the guests from that after-party left, Mirium (Bride's cousin), Evelyn (close family friend), and I enjoyed a pot of tea; party animals, I tell you.
Perhaps is was the busyness of the day that made the after-party enjoyable and relaxing in a sweet way.

There is so much more I'd like to share about the trip/wedding but this was probably one of the memories I treasure (people person alert!!). More pictures and memories will come, I'm sure!

This week, I'm heading off for the second wedding in my wedding planning trio! You already know about Emily, a very dear friend and the second Bride for this year. It's going to be a marvelous wedding, scottish theme (!!!) and will be filled to the brim with new friends, old friends, delicious food, and a beautiful, God-honoring ceremony, what more can one ask for?

So, should you wonder this week (or in the weeks to come) why this space is a wee quiet, well, just know it's because beautiful people are getting married, and I'm so excited to be a part of their special day.


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