Tuesday, 31 July 2012

random tuesday facts

So, I've been officially inspired by the ever-creative Promise Tangeman to share with you 
a bit about myself, random style. Prepare to be amazed!

//After battling one too many bouts of childhood asthma, my parents took me out of the quaint halls of first grade and homeschooled my three sisters and I (yes, we're all very well socially-adapted).

//I've gone on a three-month smoothie diet and never got tired of it.

//My sisters are my best friends.

//When we were little and still shared a room, my sister and I would empty our closets and turn them into "apartments", visit each other, and talk about "our children"; her name was Carys and my name was Jenny.

//I'm a glass half full, people loving person.

//My knees creak ALL of the time (never able to sneak up the stairs).

//I love learning about other cultures, languages, and accents; it is a habit of mine to randomly speak with a foreign/domestic accent.

//When I was but a wee lass, I wanted to be an actress on the stage, and when I see any production on the stage or a good film I go back to my times on the stage (three showings of Beauty and the Beast and one Adventures in Odyssey ) and can still smell the musty scent of the curtains.

//Love foreign films (Life is Beautiful is a personal favorite), subtitles don't bother me; as a wee lass, my favorite movies were Pocohantus and Beauty and the Beast.

//I love wedding planning.

//I love people watching.

//Currently, I'm really liking folks/artsy music, like this.

Now it's time for YOU to share your random facts, and let me know you did, I'd love to read them!

Monday, 30 July 2012

academy 31

{meet the ladies}
"Service enhanced by training. Knowledge tempered by humility. Strength refined by grace." 

Attention high school age girls! There's an excellent opportunity for you to expand and broaden your practical skills and knowledge approaching!
Academy 31 is a two week girls camp dedicated to teaching high school age girls practical and useful skills as well as encouraging them in the Christian Walk. For those who are looking for inspiration or simply need more education in the practical skills of life, this camp is tailored for you.

Participants will learn more about a wide variety of topics including baking, calligraphy, business, emergency auto care (fabulous to know!), personal safety, photography, cake decorating, fire arm safety, and much more. These Girls have thought of just about every important topic for we girls to learn.

Read here for all of the important details, and be sure you visit the Academy 31 site for more information!

All photos were used by gracious permission from the kind Ladies at Academy 31

Friday, 20 July 2012

yes, you can// mercury mirror glass

"yes, you can!" is the first in a series of monthly DIY installments, yes, ladies and gents, the world of DIY and tutorials is coming to this blog! Each month I will be posting photos, steps, and tips on a DIY project that I've completed (this month it's mercury mirror glass, next month could be anything!), but before I go on I have a few questions: what do you want to DIY? Is there something you've been wanting to try but haven't? Let me know and I'll add it to the list, I'd love to hear what you have in mind.
Now, on to the steps!

As usual, I came across this DIY on pinterest and was so excited about trying it out! After looking at a few tutorials I decided to follow this one and am very happy with the results!
First, I spent a few weeks cultivating and cleaning some clear glass jars and bottles (kombucha, jam, jam, and jam :)

Following the instructions, I filled a spray bottle with equalish (I eyeballed this one) parts of vinegar and water, though I have heard that using plain water works well~ let me know if you try it! Also, I got a handy coupon and purchased the Krylon Looking Glass Spray from my local craft store; next time I think I'll grab two bottles so I can create another batch in the future.
side note: While looking for this spray, I got extremely super totally very distracted by all of the different spray paints and found that I just might need to add the glitter spray, chalkboard paint spray, and gold spray to my new "Spray Paint Wishlist". Ahem, anyways.

Working semi-quickly, I misted each glass with a layer of the water/vinegar mixture then followed with the Looking Glass spray; let this dry for a good 2-3 minutes, then dap with a cloth or paper towel and repeat three to four times. //tip: Give this step time to dry before you proceed with more layers, otherwise you'll end up wiping away everything//

Aaaand you're done! Once mine dried I wrapped some with muslin ribbon, lace, and yarn and they now sit as a collection on my dresser (photo to come!), for now anyways.
In the future I plan to use these for table centerpieces, adding tealights and some greenery, and there are so many more ways you could use them!

Thursday, 19 July 2012

get it done

Today I was reminded by this wonderfully open post that life is so much more than what you see in a blog post. As I read through my list of favorite blogs, it's easy for me to forget that the lives of the blogger goes beyond what is shared online. Blogs are interesting that way, on the one hand it's a fabulous way to keep up with family and friends (new and not so new), learn new things, become inspired, and express a bit about who you are, on the other hand it's the very nature of a blog to present a small snapshot of someone's life, primarily what the writer wants you to see and in the way he wants you to see it. 
There is a blog that I regularly read about a mumsy of seven living in the beautiful North Eastern part of the US; she knits her own handspun wool, makes laundry detergent, wears her own handknit/sewn items all year-round, and has wine and candlelit dinners every night (ha!). What one doesn't see it the sink full of dishes, mopey faces, or spilled milk; one could quite assume that life happens exactly like it looks on their blog.But it doesn't, praise the Lord! How does sanctification happen but
for things like spilled milk, frazzled tears, and broken china (another story for another time)?

All of that to say that this morning I skipped the Thursday morning yoga routine on account of my "let's do this!" list, while I made excellent progress on the painted name signs yesterday there are still two bunches of daisies that need to be embroidered; we are expecting some dear-practically-family friends for a visit (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) so necessary preparations must be made, which are not burdensome, it just takes time. Additionally I have occasion to make some embroidered notecards as well as some baked goods for tomorrow. Earlier this morning I was writing a post about changes I'll be making to my shop but was distracted by...I don't even remember what! So, here is my post reminding you that I too have busy days; days when I wonder if I'll be able to get everything done, but praise God, through my long "let's do this!" list and cluttered spaces I can see that this is all to stretch and grow me; and I can be so very grateful for the situations that keep me in prayer. Now, if you'll excuse me, there are some dirty dishes that need to be done.


Tuesday, 17 July 2012

well, hi there

My, my, how time does fly! The past nineteen days have been filled with

a visit from a Sweet, Engaged Friend (pictured below)// Maria and I have been letter writing for some time and, as she lives quite a few states away, we don't see each other as often as we'd like, so it was a delightful treat when she came and spent a few days at mi casa (that's "my home" for you non-Spanish speakers). I just have to smile when I think of our letters this time last year; she hadn't met Her Bruce yet and we were probably going on about our lives and what we were thinking at the time, now she's preparing for a September wedding~ this is such a beautiful time of life. :)

time spent with my Amazing Sister and her Brood// Unfortunately, there is rarely a time when I don't miss my Dear Sister (today especially!), so the time we spend together is greatly treasured, and we do have a grand time. I especially treasure two traditions we share when she visits: first, grocery shopping---I love it! She's so speedy fast, breezing through the store and stuffing items in the buggy; we have some of the best times and conversations while waiting for our order at the cheese counter. The second would have to be our evening/ night routine; tall glass of homebrewed kombucha, a games of cards, popcorn, perhaps a hilarious film, and lots of laughing. It's a fabulous way to unwind and relax after a full day.

lots of canvas painting// A Sweet Family from my church has kindly commissioned me to paint name signs for their seven children (two down, five more to go!), and while I've spent lots of time decorating, embroidering, and painting, I have loved having this opportunity to pray for them and think about the blessing it has been to know this family!

knitting a hat for my Traveling Dad// Recently he flew across the pond to Wales for a business trip; I LOVE it when he travels to the UK, it's just marvelous. I love researching and mapping out places for him to see and experience, it's nearly as wonderful as traveling there myself someday. :) This was his first time to go to Wales for business and I must say that I was instantly charmed by my virtual tour of this truly British place; it has made it to my "I'd Really Love to Go There Someday" list.

staying up a wee late reading,// I confess, it's been QUITE some time since I've made it a priority to read; apparently I've developed a multi-tasking mind and I only make something important if I can do three other things at the same time! Lately I've come to see the danger in this and am working to make time for the simple things in life, like reading. The WWII era is perhaps my favorite in history; I love studying and readying most everything about it; a few years ago, I made an intense study of the holocaust, readying about different aspects and from various viewpoints, stopping only because reading about the Jewish children struck too close to home as it brought to mind my delightful nieces and nephew, I can only imagine how it must have been.

the happily engaged couple

All of that to say, 
I've been a wee busy,
and since my unannounced blogging break, I'm excited to start writing in this space again! I've started reading some new blogs and rediscovering some old ones and I'm officially inspired to make some wonderful changes to my shop and this blog. So, stay tuned and get ready for the ever changing adventure.


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