Monday, 16 May 2011

And How Does That Make You Feel?

{My dear Maggie, who used to be my affectionate sleeping buddy
and is now a free and mouse-catching farm cat.}

Today I've started studying for my psychology exam, yep, that's what I said too.
Though I'm only in the first 48 pages of the textbook, I must confess that I'm finding
it all terribly interesting, despite the liberal leanings, I'm really enjoying it so far.
However, after reading the first 48 pages, I'm thinking that now would be a good time
to begin reading Jay Adam's Competent to Counsel, which I'm told is an excellent
resource for Biblical counseling.
More thoughts on psychology and Freud are soon to come, I'm sure. ;)

Aside from that, this week is devoted to purchasing the edible and non-edible goods for the wedding, as well as sewing beads to trim a certain veil. As I love multi-tasking, I've been listening to the fascinating mysteries of Sherlock Holmes while I sew, it's so entertaining!
I'm still (slowly but surely, just like the turtle) working of projects for the newest addition to my sister's family. An eggplant hat and green sweater are in order, as well as, booties and diaper covers (in times past they were wool sweaters).
As gifts, I will be knitting this beautiful Cedar Leaf shawlette
for some special ladies, isn't the pattern lovely?
All of that will go along much faster next week (read: after the wedding)!

How is your Monday looking?

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Anonymous said...

Love hearing the update- both in your recent letter (LOVE red envelopes!) and in this blog post. The shawlette is gorgeous!!! I know the ladies will love it!



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