Monday, 28 November 2011


 I'm here!!!
If you've followed my other blog you'll know that already and will have seen pictures of what my sister and I have been up to the past few weeks. As I've already mentioned, Dubai is such a glamorous city and definitely caters to the wealthy while there is also a large portion of the population that is hard-working and just here to make money for their families back home; there really isn't much of a middle-class since you have to be working in order to stay in the country (unless you're on holiday, like me).
 I've really loved being here.
Our dear friends have been so kind and generous and I quite feel as if I live here myself, very odd, especially considering that it's only been three weeks; perhaps it is because of the familiarity that has already been established, the grocery stores and places of interest are discovered, kindred spirits are met, and there is a solid church already in order. 
I love that we literally walk around the corner to a closet-sized grocery shop (price tags not included) and purchase milk, eggs, full-cream yogurt, and whatever other kitchen necessities we may need.
I love that the beach is a 5-minute brisk walk away and that Mica and I can run in the wee small 
hours of the morning right next to the beach 
(I don't love the mangy cats that we have to avoid but who's counting the dislikes?).
I love the way the sun rises in the morning room and that if we get up at 5 am like we're supposed to I can have an entire hour of still, morning quiet to read and pray.
I love that---for the first time---someone here thought that I was Mexican and not Indian, Middle Eastern, or Italian; not that I mind but it was a pleasant surprise to know that I do look somewhat Mexican.
I love that the store bought eggs come with feathers and that beautiful artisan bread is so inexpensive.
I love meeting people from every corner of the globe and I love hearing their stories.

Stay tuned.  : )

Monday, 7 November 2011

flying away {part 2}

Well, I'm off again!
This time it's just my sister and I going solo to the wonderful Dubai!
Oh, yes, we're pretty excited.

Do you remember those dear, sweet friends we have over there? The one's we've been wanting to visit for ages? Well, the funds are here, time has come, and our bags are packed. I'm so grateful to be able to take this trip, the Lord has been so gracious and we've been sweetly blessed during this time of preparation.
It's still hard to believe that we're really going but the 45ish pound bags prove it.
We dearly love this family and I'm very excited about all that the Lord will show us through them during that time; I love the way they minister to others and especially how they are training their six (soon to be seven!) adorable children. I'm excited about meeting Believers from that part of the world and talking with them. I'm excited about getting to know whoever comes in the N family's home. I'm excited about the cultural experience and especially about scouting out souvenirs to take home, about sending postcards and writing long emails; I'm excited about playing at the beach and eating foreign food, and (believe it or not) I'm excited about the fifteen hour flight to pray, read, eat, and ponder, the only cause of "sadness" is the fact that knitting needles are considered a possible weapon, therefore I can't work on the dress for Wee Eva, ce la vie!

Needless to say, I can't guarantee to be active on this blog very much, however, you can be sure to see pictures and updates on this dear, wee blog quite often! So be sure you hop over there every few days or so and see what's going on.  : )

Let the blogging break begin, again.

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

{news}letters of importance

Creative Reader:
Well, welcome back, Elena! We missed you.

Yours Truly:
Thanks so much, I had a marvelous vacation/roadtrip/conference experience; and, as always, it's wonderful to be home.

Creative Reader:
Tell us about your trip? We'd especially like to know about how it went selling at that consignment shop in Wilmington.

Yours Truly:
I'd love to share with you about that, and as a matter of fact, I have a blog post already written about it, but first I need to ask you a question.

Creative Reader:

Yours Truly:
Well, as a part of my 12 By 2012 list (which has been updated, btw), I'm starting the first L&B newsletter for our caring customers!
This newsletter will go out once a month and will include 
(but is not limited to) 
free shipping coupon codes, giveaways, DIY projects, updates on new items in our shop, as well as creative tips and tidbits. 
I'm so excited to be starting it and I want you to be the first to sign up for it! 
The first newsletter will be sent out on 
January 6th!!

Creative Reader:
Wow, Elena, that sounds so great, how do I get added to the list?

Yours Truly:
Just send me an email (lemonsandblueberries{at}yahoo{dot}com)
with your email address and you'll get your first newsletter on January 6th!
You will only receive one email from us (clogged email inbox's are detestable to us as well) and it will never be shared or sold--even if someone offered me a pair of English riding boots in exchange for your information, I'd tell them, "Sorry Charlie".
Now that, is what I call security.


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