Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Project Inspirations: Lovely Thoughts and Moss

For this weeks creative inspiration, I'd like to introduce you to another blog on my sidebar:

A Bowl of Moss and Pebbles by Breezy Brookshire.

I came across her blog through her sister Emily, on Simply Vintage Girl and was really encouraged by her blog posts and I love her artwork!

Emily and Breezy have recently started Noble Rose Press which is a creative endeavour to use their gifts and talents by creating lovely paper dolls of prominent, godly historical figures (Abigail Adams, Katharina von Bora, and Sarah Edwards to name a few).

Her blog is so very sweet and lovely; I enjoy looking at it and being sweetly encouraged by the things she blogs about or the art project she is working on.

Sometimes it is really the little things in the day that make it pleasant :)

So, I encourage you to take a peek at the things she creates and be inspired!

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Project Inspiration: "No lace Mrs. Bennett, I beg you!"

Well, for this weeks Project Inspiration I would like to present two things:
A very inspiring blog, (Oh hello Friend) You Are Loved

It is a creative blog by Danni, who lives in Orange County, CA.
I really enjoy browsing through what she posts and getting ideas for future projects.
And it was on her blog that I discovered a new way to make greeting cards:

(See above photos)
I might not go back to pasting my cards together...at least for a while yet :)
This is a great way to use scap pieces and put them together for a "Anthropologieish" look.
I might get some pictures of some recent experiments together.
Enjoy :)


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