Thursday, 24 February 2011

Ode to Sweaters

{Sorry, source is unknown at this time--contact me if you have the info}

I have a slight obsession with knitted sweaters.
Unfortunately I don't currently live in a climate to encourage this sweater collecting hobby (maybe that's a good thing), so I content myself with magazine clippings and imaginations--
for now at least :)
Most shapes and sizes will do the trick,

They're simply wonderful.
Have I completed one in reality? Well, no--but I'm working on it!
More to come on that note :)

So, straight from Quince & Co., the Belfast Hoodie has been added to my mental list of sweaters to make.
When I make time to cast on another sweater (yes, I have one on the needles at the moment), I think this one may just be next--
I'll be saving my milk money to buy the pattern on this one I think.
Anything you're saving for?

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Dandelion Root Coffee

This is day three with the Stickies and my poor sister cannot stand the solitary confinement, so she is headed over to pick up her beloved offspring. I'm very happy to report that there have been NO meltdowns, homesickness, or random bursts of energy. Things have been going relatively smoothly and they've enjoyed every minute, and so have we.
Though I haven't gotten very much knitting done (hurrah for finished projects!), I've been busy working on an embroidery project similar to this one for---well, for someone special. I'm very pleased with the way it's turning out so far!
With the winter season coming to a close, I'm compiling a mental list of spring knits and sewn items for the shop, anything special you'd like to see?

Now, to what you've been waiting for,
the coffee.
I've signed up to get emails from Elana's Pantry and today she posted a recipe for Dandelion Root Coffee. Generally, I'm a pretty big fan of traditional coffee, though it doesn't like me.
So, I am interested to try this recipe for a coffee substitute; it's give me something besides steamed milk to drink at evening gatherings! Really, it's kind of pathetic, any more than a tablespoon full of coffee will make my knees shake; I still love it though, and I'm so glad my Mom brews a pot each morning--the smell is wonderful!
What are your morning rituals?

Monday, 21 February 2011

Monday Morning Musings

Well, we are home after a very filling weekend in Austin.
Our official mission was to pick up the meat from the two deer my Dad shot last month, but we did so much more than that! In addition to celebrating my Uncle's birthday, we had a mini Zumba session, had two wonderful late night discussions with my sister
(complete with chai tea--she is pretty much the master of making chai tea lattes),
and were so very blessed by some sweet fellowship at church yesterday.
An added bonus was that we took home the three stickies!
Yes, Sophia, Mia, and Dominic have been taken into our home for the next few days while my sister has some much needed rest and catching up on the homefront.
I believe lots of trampoline time, smoothies, and hide-and-seek are on the menu.
Hopefully studying won't be completely thrown out the window!
(I believe early morning study time is the key in this instance)
There is my update, and now I must dash--a particular wee dragon is protesting his confinement in my room :)

I hope your week is off to just as wonderful of a start, any special plans?

Monday, 14 February 2011

At This Very Moment

At this very moment I...

...would love to be inside of that photograph, with a wool blanket under one arm, knitting bag in hand, and a hot cup of cider in the other, walking down to the shoreline. choosing labels for my creations, there are SO many to choose from, I know I settle one something eventually.

...thinking about baking some biscotti for the lovely ladies at the college testing center. Yes, tomorrow I take the long-anticipated microeconomics exam. Not that my bringing them goodies will make any difference on my score, but I thought they might enjoy it. missing my sister!! Hurry weekend, I know it's only Monday but please, come quickly!'' resting in a devotional that I posted this morning, if you're suffering or deeply burdened, consider prayerfully reading it.

...will be casting on a hat for my younger sister, I really love the color she chose. listening to the Film Scores station and Kate Rusby station on my Pandora radio (gotta love the Irish tunes!).

...have to summon up the courage to begin knitting socks! Somehow I feel like I'm missing out on a great experience and am slowly determining to begin seriously looking at patterns. hoping your week has gone off to an excellent start!

{post inspired by SouleMama}

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Chocolate Raspberry Cupcakes: Not Flavorless

Yesterday I made these delicious Chocolate Raspberry Cupcakes
(which for me turned out to be muffins because I skipped the frosting)---so yummy!
It was the first time for me to use coconut products in baking and I loved how easy it was (once I figured out that you need to melt the coconut oil BEFORE mixing it with the eggs) and my muffins came out perfect! The second excellent part of making these is that they are grain/dairy/and gluten-free!
Despite these health benefits let me assure you that they are NOT tasty/flavor/yum-free.
A great addition to your Valentine or breakfast or dessert list!
So sorry that there are no pictures to prove it, just my memories :)


In other news, I am starting a Lace-Edged Hat (you're still able to order one for yourself too!) for my sister. She doesn't usually ask for things so I'm very happy to oblige!
Patiently, she went through the yarn shop with me and chose the color she fancied best. I'm looking forward to working on it;
thank the Lord there is still enough cold weather to effectively knit warm things!

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Hello February

Tulips are one of my favorite flowers; they come in so many great colors and look wonderful in each stage of life (plus you can hide love notes in the unopened buds and give them to your sister for her birthday).

As I type this, I'm cheerfully listening to the rain pattering outside my window;
it's still fairly dark outside and the inside is still pretty sleepy!
I'm so glad that my sisters don't have to be filming today (yes, they're in a film class and are assigned to create and edit a film each week for class--they're pretty cool and creative!), but I think the rain provides a pretty dramatic background for a scene (or mud war).
Today holds a typical school/ music lesson day and I am hoping to start some more projects (some knitting ones and some embroidery ones--nope, can't tell you now!), and possibly have a cup of tea if it's still raining.

p.s. I have a few {on the needles} posts that need to be shown, so keep your eyes peeled!
Also, be sure to check out my etsy shop!
There are a few new items and one old favorite there!

Dear February,
So nice to see you, but what was your hurry in getting here?
There were a few things I could have been doing in January but no matter, you're here.
I have lots of plans for you, not the least of which,
learning calligraphy (I have red and white valentines as well as
eggplant and white stationary in my head) and
attending my first Renegade Craft Fair (more on that later)!
Well, I had better get started on my day.
It's been lovely greeting you, please stay as long as you like.



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