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I'm looking forward to talking with you! Drop me a line via email, lemonsandblueberries(at)yahoo(dot)com
I do my best to respond as quickly as I'm able and would be happy to answer what questions or comments you may have. 

Have a beautiful day.


Lauren Ashley said...


Do you mind doing a blog post about wedding planning? The fun parts, hard parts, things which you wouldn't have thought of before, etc. I have only been to two weddings, one when I was eight years old, and the other I arrived part way through the ceremony (Michael and Emily's wedding). Now as I am starting to plan my own wedding, I am interested on hearing your thoughts and advice.

Lauren Ashley

Elena said...

Hello Lauren! Thanks so much for your note. I would definitely love to create a series of posts on my wedding planning experiences, however, I think you'd benefit from the information sooner than I can blog about it so I'll be sending you a nice, long email instead. :)

Talk to you soon!


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