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My name is Elena and I'm the heart and curly head behind Lemons and Blueberries. After developing various and slightly random creative hobbies when I was a wee lass, I started selling my wares on Etsy in 2010 and have loved and learned so much since that time!
As the Etsy shop is on vacation, I'm taking this time to create a new look and line for Lemons and Blueberries, I'm excited to show you the changes I've made!
This shop is an extension of my desire to use my time and talents purposefully and industriously--with the glory of God in full focus.

Creating items for my shop usually involve yarn (or wool for my UK friends!) and knitting needles, estate/tag sales, paints and canvases, fabric and unique stitches, and groovy music with a hot cup of tea.

Absolutely a social person. I love talking with people and learning more about the individual person.

I love coffee, but my person cannot handle the effects of caffeine, so I resort to non-caff teas or a tablespoon of coffee with LOTS of milk, I know...

I'd label my style as an eclectic mixture of vintage, slight boho tendencies, and my own personality (naturally).

Oh, and I really love foreign films, peanut butter cookies, and learning new languages.

Any questions? Just ask, I'd love to start a conversation with you.


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