Monday, 2 May 2011

Scones and A Booklist

This weekend, my sisters and I were in a teatime mood, so we quickly brewed a pot of Yorshire Gold and I whipped out my favorite Lemon and Blueberry Scones (yes, a similar recipe to the one that gave me the inspiration for my business name!). I attempted to have my quiet time at the breakfast table but the events of the day cut my time short.
Along with my scripture reading, I am working through The Valley of Vision and To Die is Gain.
On the blog that I contribute to with my sisters, I shared a portion of The Valley of Vision that was a particular blessing to me last week.
To Die is Gain is the story of John and Betty Stam, missionaries to China; I confess that I'm only on the second chapter but so far it covers the early lives of John and Betty. I've been wanting to read more missionary biographies lately (Thank you Mrs. Leonora!) and I think I'm really going to enjoy this one.
What's on your reading list? I find that I go through seasons of reading lots of new and interesting reads and other seasons when I'm happy just to get my study books completed! Right now I'd really like to compile a reading list and discover more good books; the two I mentioned above are on my mental list but I'm still choosing what to be reading next.
As far as computer reading, A Part of the Main, is a recent blog find that I've really enjoyed!
Betsy is the wife of a Biblical scholar who is currently studying in the UK; they have two little girls and lots of what she writes about is the joy and little moments she treasures in her family.
I hope you'll hop over and read her sweet insights into motherhood and what she discovers about her surroundings. Whenever I read I feel an urge to brew a pot of tea and curl up on the sofa--so delightful! I've also added her blog to my {Inspirations} page for future reference and reading! Betsy also has an excellent reading list, that I've taken advantage of in the past few months, and there will be more on that later!
If you're wondering about the trendy gluten-free phase that seems to be going around, have a look at my sister's perspective. Mica blogs at our Pickwick Portfolio blog as well as her own, A Wholesome New World. Recently, she explained more about her own gluten-free experience and shares some tips and resources in her post, Why Do I Eat Gluten-Free?

Happy Monday.

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The Armour Family said...

Wow Elena! It looks like you have found some really good books. Your pictures are just your style - or what I've seen of it on your blog! I just love your reflection in the teapot! :)

Happy Monday to you too! Have a blessed week.

Soli Deo Gloria!



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