Tuesday, 16 February 2010


Well, here is my new pattern!

I got it though Involving the Senses via Amanda Soule (Mrs. Soule used more of a cream yarn and also added sleeves.)

It looks like a great one to have around here in Houston and can be done many ways! I'm really looking forward to making something for myself, aside from various scarves that is :)

Right now I'm finishing up a few baby items but I'm itching to go to the yarn store and begin casting on for this one. This is also be my first sweater (no really, it is), so that should be interesting. Although this seems like a simple pattern because there are no sleeves, multiple button holes, or a collar of any kind.

Be looking for updates and pictures on my first sweater (Yes, really)!

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Seven hours, knitting with friends, and some joint pain oils later...

It is finished!
Now Dad's head will no longer be a wee bit chilly (and just in time for this weekend); naturally, if I were living up north I would have done this much sooner in time for the snow!
I must say that this pattern nearly took me to tears. I've never (no really, never) been bored by a knitting pattern but this one really tried me. But just when I thought I would die knitting three and purling two, it was time to decrease! And that is my favorite part of this hat. I would definately suggest this one if you have a free weekend or just want something simple to occupy you during the week. Plus you could do all sorts of fun stripes and patterns!

Saturday, 6 February 2010

"The Dad Hat"

::Right, so I have this habit of forgetting past projects. I admit.
This is not the first manly thing I've ever knitted but it is in fact the third.
I know what you're thinking, "Elena, you got paid for those projects! Don't you remember something that you were paid for?"
You would think that I would remember the past two manly projects but...well...
I didn't. So sorry!::
Here is a picture of the Boyfriend Hat that I got from Ravelry.
(another great knit and crochet site!)
I confess, I've never knitted anyting manly.
::Ahem, please read red print above::
My fancy has always leaned towards the cute and pretty patterns.
But today is a new day and my Dad's head is a wee bit chilly,
thus "the Dad Hat" is in the knitting process.
And since I live here in Houston,
I think I had better get a move on before our mid to low sixties weather leaves!

Monday, 1 February 2010

Great New Knitting Blog!

A dear friend, who also knits extremely well, has introduced me to my new favorite knitting blog called, Soule Mama. I would definitely encourage you to go have a quick look at what this stay-at-home mama of four creates with her needles. She is also a wonderful photographer and takes beautiful pictures of her recent creations as well has her surroundings.
This is also a great resource not only for the Knitter but also for the crafty person; Amanda does lots of other things around her house and gives fun tips and ideas.

Picture Credit~I loved this chair and thought that it would be a great one to cozy up in and knit!


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