Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Hello Tuesday

{the Edible Dom--who is not just one, he's two now!}

So, my weekend was filled with plans, checklists, flower arranging,
witnessing sweet, wedded bliss, and lots of Odwalla drinks (Okay, just two ;).
It was positively wonderful--but more on that later!
{Not only does he melt your heart, but he plays croquet too.}

For now, here are some updates on what's been going on.
Currently in my knitting bag are: an eggplant hat for a wee Webb addition and the beginnings of my second baby sweater! I'm using this five hour project from Ravelry and I just love it.
Pictures to come...
{Dommi and Nani, with the remainders of his mohawk.}

{Lucy Pevin--I mean, Mia, with a hearty battle cry on her tongue.}


Yes, you may have guessed, we're headed to Austin tomorrow for Dom's birthday (Didn't I tell you we're part gypsy?), that means fresh pictures of the stickies, lots of hugs, reading books aloud, playing lots of imaginary games, gluten-free bakery testing, and homemade tortillas
--God is good.

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