Thursday, 22 September 2011

Encourage One Another {Cait}

{Pookie, taken around this time last year.}

So sorry for the confusion yesterday! 
The links are redirected and working now 
(thank you Mrs. F for alerting me!)

It's that time of the week again at, Deep Roots At Home!
Last week, we looked at Betsy's post from Part of the Main (pop over to that one if you missed it!).
This week I'd like to encourage you younger ladies (mostly applies--but not limited to, in-your-twenties) 
with the blog of my sweet friend, Cait from What Kady Did.
If you'll remember, I featured her a while back in a Project Inspiration post (hehe, that really didn't make it to being a weekly feature!) called Birds and Sparkles. As a married (mummy-to-be!) young woman, she writes about life married life in Dubai. She's also a wonderfully creative person who enjoys filling her home with comforting, fun things. Hop on over and be inspired and encouraged! 

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