Tuesday, 27 September 2011

This Week I Am...

...planning on transforming those two boring, blue pillows you see above into interesting burlap covered pillows (one down, one more to go!).

...putting on my make-up artist hat Thursday and Friday (my sister and friends are making a film and I get the privilege of making the actors faces "screen-ready").

...hoping to get a warm cup of something at "the" coffee shop on Friday (yep, we're filming at a coffee shop), it would be really nice if the coffee was complimentary, but...we're still working on that. ; )

...painting name signs for my sister and a friend. After creating this project, I've discovered my inner acrylic painter; yes, it's wonderful.

...working on a swirly, knitted dress for my niece! She's just gonna look so edible in it; quick knits are so gratifying. Especially quick knits for little ones with chubby cheeks.

...looking forward to some fun fellowship with two sweet friends. Salmon salad is on the menu and I think I'll break out the special apricot black tea (and, of course, coffee)

...writing letters to kindred spirits. I'm devoted to snail mail; the old-fashioned feel of writing your thoughts on paper is so wonderful, it gives me a chance to collect and organize my thoughts (which is always appreciated!).

...waiting for a mysterious phone call, at least, it's mysterious to you, I already know who'll be calling.

...wondering if Fall will ever come, then I walk into my closet, try on my favorite sweater and remember that yes, there was a time I layered up for the cold weather. I just. need. to. be. patient.

...curious what you're doing this week, we'll what's on your calendar?


Caitlin said...

Meeting New Friends...
Traveling To a Concert...

And writing.

that's my week.

The Pedersen Family said...


I can certainly relate to wanting to walk outside and wish for a sweater rather than walk outside and start sweating.

Looking forward to babysiting my adorable nephews tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Umm... the mysterious phone call is driving me crazy! Now I HAVE to write you back so that it will be your turn and you'll have to write to me and tell me who's calling. :)


P.S. Off to the last highland games of the season this weekend... and fellowship with friends tomorrow!


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