Monday, 5 September 2011

There's No Place Like...


It's been very nearly a week since I was last in Austin. 
Not surprisingly, I really miss rinsing diapers (crazy, I know), wiping chubby hands, and getting bitten by Wee Teeth (long story); the rhythm of my home is pretty different from the hustle and bustle of little people laughing and ricocheting around. In case you get the wrong impression, we Marques girlies can get pretty crazy in our own way.
Since being home, I've been settling into my new routine (read: trying to get used to a house without littles--we miss you, Hoods!) and since I've become a huge fan of lists, I made a list of things I'd like to do for September, wanna peak?

Organize Closet (again)
I've become inspired by Kendi's organizational post
Create business goals for 2012
Post Fall 2011 Line for Shop (knitting, knitting, knitting)
Make two more projects using UK yarn (post to come)
We have a trip to NC coming in October and I want to be ready!
Begin video series (Youtube, here I come!)
Research, research, research for my Light bulb Idea (again, post to come!)

So, there you have a few of the things I'm working on; thankfully, I don't really see anything currently on the calendar that would prevent me from checking these items checked off, aside from the fascinating book I'm reading. I'm about 3/4's of the way through The Help and so far, I've really enjoyed it (thanks so much for lending it, J!); a kindred spirit loaned it to me, we have similar taste in novels and this is no exception. I love the feel and flow of Kathryn Stockett's work. It reminds me very much of Harper Lee in the sense that I can clearly "see" everything happening and I am quickly familiar with the characters; the story is set at the tail end of one of my favorite times in history and I love the way Stockett has incorporated so much of the culture and happenings of that time. Have any of you read it/seen the film? 
{Note: the following is not at all to meant to downgrade fiction reading, it's just something I haven't done in a while.} I haven't read a fun, fiction book in quite a while, so I feel the need to ration the time that I spend reading; it's dreadful, but somehow I feel like I'm wasting time when I read fiction (that. sounds. so. prudish.). Honestly, I haven't read such an intriguing novel since, The Chosen (loved that one) or The Red House Mystery (delightful story!), but like Pinterest, I ration the amount of time I spend reading. 
Are you mostly a fiction or non-fiction reader? I'd love any of your suggestions!


Anonymous said...

AH!! October come soon!!!! Can't wait to see you!


Caitlin said...

I'm a huge Agatha Christie fan! Gotta love a good mystery!

Jacqueline at said...

Hi, Elena,
I, too, loved The Chosen, by Chaim Potek. I highly recommend Evidence Not Seen by Darlene Rose. It is during WWII and she is a new bride missionary. It is so suspensful, but also so biblical and encouraging. Best I've ever read!! My daughter agrees:)

Jacqueline at said...

PS, I really love that picture of the dear little one with faces on the wee fingers...I understand missing chubby hands and little teeth!

Elena said...

@Jacqueline, I've read Evidence Not Seen as well--I loved it too!
It was recommended to me by a dear friend who is living in the same area that Darlene Rose lived; I always think of her when I read it (now I can think of you too!).

I love chubby fingers too. : )
It's one of the many reasons I love being with my nieces and nephew!

Anonymous said...

Just finished "the Help" a few weeks ago, and have been trying to find time to review it on my blog. It was really great! Also, I love the Chosen and The Red House Mystery. Are we on the same wavelength, or what?? Have I finally found a reading buddy that matches my eclectic collection of literary tastes and interests??
Love to you! Be blessed!

Elena said...

Betsy, I finished reading The Help soon after writing this post and I loved it too! After reading a few of the book suggestions you have on your blog and observing your posts, I think it's safe to say we can definitely be eclectic reading buddies!!

I'm so glad to have found your blog.


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