Monday, 19 September 2011



This past weekend we were traveling between Austin and Houston, 
a perfectly very normal occurrence around these parts, but what wasn't normal was pulling over at the first sight of a "The Biggest Sale Ever" sign. This happens enough at home but not between cities; typically we fly through, trying to make it to our squishy loved ones just as speedily timely as we can, but--praise the Lord!--my Dad can be kinda spontaneous sometimes and as he knew that I am in a "collecting eclectic plates/platters" mood, he pulled over. 
I'm so glad he did.
You see, I'm on a hunt; about fifty plates, teacups/saucers, and various serving platters are the object and I'm excited. Can't tell you exactly why yet (I need to make sure this is actually going to happen before I tell all), just know that I'm excitedly searching. The end.

Also, this past weekend, I was reminded why I love sewing (quick results). I made a nursing cover for a sweet friend (can't wait to meet you, Asher!) and I made pillow covers for the first time; perhaps one of the favorite parts was the fact that I was making them out of coffee burlap sacks collected from a wee coffee shop in New York (we miss you R family). Photographed finished results to come. 

In other news, I'm also looking for frames. Ugly ones, big ones, ornate ones, small ones, dainty ones (you get the idea), all to create a trail; a memory trail going upstairs (rather like the first picture in this one). 
Yesterday I found one, ???? more to go! As it is kind of a weird shade of green, I'll probably paint it black (or black or mustard or pale grey? hm...let's see); for now it's in my room (next to the finds from this weekends spontaneousness). This has opened a can of creative thoughts, mostly about creating my silhouettes of my family, to be mixed with the photo/memory trail, BUT I think I'll collect more frames before I start.

Any new projects brewing for you on this fine--wet!!--Monday morning?

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