Thursday, 24 February 2011

Ode to Sweaters

{Sorry, source is unknown at this time--contact me if you have the info}

I have a slight obsession with knitted sweaters.
Unfortunately I don't currently live in a climate to encourage this sweater collecting hobby (maybe that's a good thing), so I content myself with magazine clippings and imaginations--
for now at least :)
Most shapes and sizes will do the trick,

They're simply wonderful.
Have I completed one in reality? Well, no--but I'm working on it!
More to come on that note :)

So, straight from Quince & Co., the Belfast Hoodie has been added to my mental list of sweaters to make.
When I make time to cast on another sweater (yes, I have one on the needles at the moment), I think this one may just be next--
I'll be saving my milk money to buy the pattern on this one I think.
Anything you're saving for?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Saving for a washer and dryer for my someday-home. :) Writing a letter about knitting socks to you!



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