Monday, 14 February 2011

At This Very Moment

At this very moment I...

...would love to be inside of that photograph, with a wool blanket under one arm, knitting bag in hand, and a hot cup of cider in the other, walking down to the shoreline. choosing labels for my creations, there are SO many to choose from, I know I settle one something eventually.

...thinking about baking some biscotti for the lovely ladies at the college testing center. Yes, tomorrow I take the long-anticipated microeconomics exam. Not that my bringing them goodies will make any difference on my score, but I thought they might enjoy it. missing my sister!! Hurry weekend, I know it's only Monday but please, come quickly!'' resting in a devotional that I posted this morning, if you're suffering or deeply burdened, consider prayerfully reading it.

...will be casting on a hat for my younger sister, I really love the color she chose. listening to the Film Scores station and Kate Rusby station on my Pandora radio (gotta love the Irish tunes!).

...have to summon up the courage to begin knitting socks! Somehow I feel like I'm missing out on a great experience and am slowly determining to begin seriously looking at patterns. hoping your week has gone off to an excellent start!

{post inspired by SouleMama}

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Cait Kady said...

I love Kate Rusby's voice! If you haven't heard it, you should listen to Drowned Lovers. Such a sad song, but what's Celtic music without a little tragedy?
I admire all your adventure and bravery in the realm of knitting :)


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