Monday, 21 February 2011

Monday Morning Musings

Well, we are home after a very filling weekend in Austin.
Our official mission was to pick up the meat from the two deer my Dad shot last month, but we did so much more than that! In addition to celebrating my Uncle's birthday, we had a mini Zumba session, had two wonderful late night discussions with my sister
(complete with chai tea--she is pretty much the master of making chai tea lattes),
and were so very blessed by some sweet fellowship at church yesterday.
An added bonus was that we took home the three stickies!
Yes, Sophia, Mia, and Dominic have been taken into our home for the next few days while my sister has some much needed rest and catching up on the homefront.
I believe lots of trampoline time, smoothies, and hide-and-seek are on the menu.
Hopefully studying won't be completely thrown out the window!
(I believe early morning study time is the key in this instance)
There is my update, and now I must dash--a particular wee dragon is protesting his confinement in my room :)

I hope your week is off to just as wonderful of a start, any special plans?

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Anonymous said...

Hello Sweet Girl!
Missed your cheery little posts! PROMISE a letter will arrive this week! Plans for this week- getting my signs made (for my business) for Prom Alterations to put out at local high schools! I'm in the local paper on Sunday! Yeah!



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