Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Chocolate Raspberry Cupcakes: Not Flavorless

Yesterday I made these delicious Chocolate Raspberry Cupcakes
(which for me turned out to be muffins because I skipped the frosting)---so yummy!
It was the first time for me to use coconut products in baking and I loved how easy it was (once I figured out that you need to melt the coconut oil BEFORE mixing it with the eggs) and my muffins came out perfect! The second excellent part of making these is that they are grain/dairy/and gluten-free!
Despite these health benefits let me assure you that they are NOT tasty/flavor/yum-free.
A great addition to your Valentine or breakfast or dessert list!
So sorry that there are no pictures to prove it, just my memories :)


In other news, I am starting a Lace-Edged Hat (you're still able to order one for yourself too!) for my sister. She doesn't usually ask for things so I'm very happy to oblige!
Patiently, she went through the yarn shop with me and chose the color she fancied best. I'm looking forward to working on it;
thank the Lord there is still enough cold weather to effectively knit warm things!

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Anonymous said...

Dear you are so cute and creative! Love reading your blog! Will write by the end of this week... no "big" news, but just little things I'm looking forward to sharing. Saw a photo of your business cards... they are so lovely! Will you please send one in your next letter?! Thank you!



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