Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Dandelion Root Coffee

This is day three with the Stickies and my poor sister cannot stand the solitary confinement, so she is headed over to pick up her beloved offspring. I'm very happy to report that there have been NO meltdowns, homesickness, or random bursts of energy. Things have been going relatively smoothly and they've enjoyed every minute, and so have we.
Though I haven't gotten very much knitting done (hurrah for finished projects!), I've been busy working on an embroidery project similar to this one for---well, for someone special. I'm very pleased with the way it's turning out so far!
With the winter season coming to a close, I'm compiling a mental list of spring knits and sewn items for the shop, anything special you'd like to see?

Now, to what you've been waiting for,
the coffee.
I've signed up to get emails from Elana's Pantry and today she posted a recipe for Dandelion Root Coffee. Generally, I'm a pretty big fan of traditional coffee, though it doesn't like me.
So, I am interested to try this recipe for a coffee substitute; it's give me something besides steamed milk to drink at evening gatherings! Really, it's kind of pathetic, any more than a tablespoon full of coffee will make my knees shake; I still love it though, and I'm so glad my Mom brews a pot each morning--the smell is wonderful!
What are your morning rituals?

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Hickory Haven Housekeeper said...

Seriously, who would post rude, inflammatory remarks on this lovely artistic blog? OH my dear friend, coffee does the same to me. I found, however, that if I drink it in the afternoon, after I've eaten something, it doesn't have such a bad effect as it does in the morning and at night. I've had chicory coffee, its pretty good. We ALWAYS have coffee as you know; rich, dark and always with a touch of cinnamon. Miss you


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