Thursday, 31 March 2011

Living. Sewing, Studying. Rest. Repeat.

Here's the post about our progress with our Dubai Covers!
Well, after a fabulous start with a sweet friend, we got to work on
the cutting and sewing of the other fabrics when our dear machine
decided it wouldn't cooperate!
So, as you can't sew on an out of service machine,
we went back to the craft room of our sweet friend and had a wonderfully
productive sewing day!
(As evidenced by the first four of our covers that you see!)
Thank you very much for having us, Mrs. Julie,
and for being so flexible!
It's no small offer to have two young women work
in your craft room during a school day
and we're so grateful for the opportunity to
visit, sew, and experience life in your home.
Merci. Gracias. Danke. Grazie.
I hope you enjoyed this quick preview of our progress.
{heads up}
To make things a bit easier on our end,
we'll be selling our covers through this blog and not on my etsy shop,
but more on those details later!
Due to life and a wee bit of sickness in our home,
(Not to fear! Your covers will come "germ-free"!)
we'll get details and pricing up soon;
thanks for your patience. :)
Now back to living, sewing, studying, and-hopefully-rest.


Alyssa W. said...

Your Dubai Covers look beautiful, I love the fabrics you girls chose!!
I am sorry you are not feeling so well, we've had some sickness here too. I'll be praying for you.

Cait Kady said...

I love the fabrics!! Not pregnant but I'd be thrilled to buy ahead ;) Are they the kind with piping in the front so the mother can see down? It looks like it, but I just wanted to make sure :)

Elena said...

Thank you, Cait! We had a limited selection and tried to pick the most vibrant and fun patterns. :)
Yes, there's a 16-inch piece of boning in the front for nursing mom's to peak down.


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