Monday, 7 March 2011

Meet the Green-Eyed Sticky

{The first-born of my sister's offspring, Sophia--or Sophie as her Tia's call her}

This is Sophia (The Green-Eyed Sticky).
She is small and very funny.
Yep, those green eyes are very real and very captivating.
I think she does a fabulous job sporting the newest birthday crown, made for a special little someone.
Want to order one? No prob, just head on over to the shop and let me know--I'd love to recreate something in the shop or perhaps you already have an idea in mind? I'd love to work with you!

There are lots of things being checked off my "To-Knit" list, good thing too because there are things being added!
Check out the {on the needles} page to see what I've done and what is still in the works.

What projects are you working on?
In this season of my life there are many wee ones to make things for.
Recently I've had a flurry of ideas for my sisters baby-to-be
and today a larger scale project has been brewing in the back of my mind,
here are the keywords:
Planes. Mica. Fabric. Sweet Friends.
Stay tuned.

{A packaged good for a customer ready to be shipped!}

it's never too early for birthdays you know ;)


Kristin said...

Hey Elena, those shoes do look very comfortable. =)
The closest thing to a craft project is my garden, which is currently a work-in-progress, as the Texas Clay Soil takes a long time to condition to grow anything!!!


Hattie said...

Oh what a lovely way to wrap your packages! You have a great blog, I've only just found it, but so far it's been quite inspiring!

God bless,
~ Hattie


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