Thursday, 17 March 2011

{Dubai Covers}

{Wooden German box-estate sale find}

As I type this, there are yards and yards of fabric around,
all washed, pressed, cut, and ready to be sewn!
In posts past you've read me go on about a new project that is pretty large-scale.
Well, today and yesterday, the idea became a stack of fabric and
the inspiration was worked out with a rotary cutter and hot iron in the craft
room of a sweet friend.
So, to give you a wee history, we have these dear friends named, the Neal's:
{the Neal Children (except for Mr. and Mrs. and Little Joy)
with Mica and Caro, taken last year}

We haven't known them terribly long but they hold a dear place in our hearts.
What strikes me the most about this family is their love and passion for Christ;
it's infectious each time we are with them.
I so appreciate the loving yet firm way they are raising their family
and the way they are training them in the fear of the Lord.
I could write for a long while about the funny things they've said and
brilliant ideas about the direction for bedtime stories.
We all love spending time with this dear family and
miss them a great deal since they moved to


Yes, way over in the United Arab Emirates.
Mr. N is a pilot and it's his work that has taken them across the pond.
They may be on the other end of the world but be assured that they
have continued to share their love for the Lord wherever they go.
I love hearing their stories of gospel centered conversations and
people they have been able to build relationships with.
Since they left around two years ago, Mica and I have hoped to be
able to scrap our small savings together for the plane fare and traveling
expense of visiting them. Well, this year we got serious and our parents
are willing to pay for half if we come up with the other half of the expenses.
At once we began scribbling out ideas for raising the money we need.
Mica and I are very excited about the prospect of
seeing the work they are doing and
spending sweet fellowship with believers
from that part of the world.

Here, I present you with one of the ideas on the list.


Also known as nursing aprons, breastfeeding covers,
or hooter hiders (take your pick);
with everything ready to go, we are stitching up our very own
"Dubai Covers" to sell as a way to raise money.
We sew 'em, you buy'em, and we tuck the proceeds away for our plane ticket!
I'm sure you know someone (or perhaps this would be for yourself)
who could use a good nursing cover. They're fabulous for breastfeeding mothers
who like to be more portable with their babies, and it definitely
beats throwing a blanket over yourself while your hungry little
one is protesting. A great baby shower gift idea or maybe even for that
"someday" when you hope to have babies of your own.
Plus we've chosen some pretty cute summer
prints, so in a sense they're also practical fashion accessory.
And with each cover you purchase,
the profits go towards our part
of the material cost for going to Dubai.
You get a cover and we are able to get one step closer to flying to the U.A.E.
Easy. Peasy.

I'll be back here with the specifics on prices, colors,
and where you can purchase these "Dubai Covers" but for now,
it's sewing time.

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Anonymous said...

Ahhhh! Love it! I've seen these before- but didn't know of a place that sold them.... But I don't have little ones yet... but I do have a hope chest! :) hmmm....


P.S. Did you get your package!?


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