Friday, 1 April 2011

If You Lived in Mi Casa

You'd be drinking a "It's Good For You" green
smoothie from a diner coffee cup
(And you'd love it because it tastes like a
banana milkshake with a slight hint of cilantro!).
...listening to your sister play
...watching the Bluebonnets cheer up the flower bed...
...enjoying the last bloom of the ranunculuse...
...and you'd be most grateful sister's who do
morning dishes cheerfully!

And that's what it be like if you lived in my home today.


The Armour Family said...

Sweet pictures! Did you get them all today? I always love looking at your and your sisters' blogs. The pictures are always so nice and cheerful looking - just like you girls! I miss all of you so much.

Soli Deo Gloria!

Love, in Christ,


Hannah Mendenhall said...

I love a good green smoothie! Cilantro and parsley are my favorite greens to use.

Elena said...

{Hannah A.} Yes, I had a few moments to spare and ran around taking pictures in the morning; it was pretty fun to choose what to show. :)
We really enjoy reading your family blog! It's fun to look at the stark contrast in scenery. ;)
God bless you, sister!


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