Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Turning Business Into {pleasure}

"Customers. You can't have a business without them...
We all know the cornerstone for any good relationship,
personal or business,
is communication."

Shipping days are always happy ones for me.
Today I realized the vast importance of turning a business transaction into a pleasurable one;
going the extra mile to make opening the package an exciting experience for the customer.
I know from experience how boring it can be to open a plain jane package with my items simply put in a plain jane box, accompanied with a plain jane receipt.
On the other hand, I recently received a pocket calender from Oh, Hello Friend.
Pretty cute packaging, let me tell you.
The wee calender arrived in a small envelope with the address information stamped and my address written in a cherry red ink. She even included a fun handmade sticker to boot.
So, whether it's creatively stamping your packages, wrapping each item in fun tissue paper (even though it may not need gift wrapping--admit it, unwrapping something always brings a smile.), or hand writing a customer appreciation thank-you note,
special touches are important.

Do you have any wrapping inspirations/stories to share?

1 comment:

Rebecca said...

Maybe you could add a little scripture verse card or bookmark?


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