Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Looking Over

As we are looking over the brink of a new year,
this is a great time to reflect and introduce new things.
I have a few thoughts brewing on resolutions, goals, and Edwards, and once those thoughts are organized you can find them at The Pickwick Portfolio!

In the mean time, I'd like to introduce and re-introduce some wonderful and inspiring resources!
This is by no means an exhaustive list but they are the highlights of
creative, online finds for this year. Perhaps you've seen them already and perhaps these are brand-new, regardless, I hope they help to creatively jump-start you into the new year.

Caro, Mica and I in downtown Alexandria, VA

In the past few years, our family has really branched out in the area of nutrition and my sister Mica has been quite the leader/researcher in this area. Not only has she come up with some yummy recipes and new traditions but she's also learned a lot about the history and the "why's" of what we do in the kitchen. Her "foodie" posts mostly cover gluten and dairy-free recipes and she also includes some interesting facts and tid-bits.
This is a great place for all of your health and nutrition interests!

L-R: Ana, Alyssa, and Amy

The three blogs above are authored by some very sweet, new friends that I met in November at our annual church conference. Living in the wintry north and being delightful "stay-at-home daughters", they offer a wonderful perspective on making home a sweet place to be.
This is a great way to receive sound encouragement--they also have a shop (Rosebud & Wilbur)!

Kyleigh Fox :)

Kyleigh Fox is the sister of Cait Cady (whom you've seen here before) and I have had the dear pleasure of getting to know her a bit through email and meeting her-at last!- in person recently. She quilts beautifully and has a unique creative touch; more significantly, Kyleigh has a wonderful perspective on living Biblically and doing everything she can to please the Lord.
I am challenged by what she has to say and am blessed by her posts.

Inspiring photo from the blog

If you haven't check this one out yet, please do! Amanda has a wealth of creative knowledge and is just so inspiring; she also does things as naturally as possible and I'm always inspired after reading her posts. Right now I am using some of her projects as an inspiration for an upcoming shop item/new project--stay tuned!

You might have seen the button for this on my sidebar.
I love Melissa's creativity, DIY's, and tutorials! It's a great place to get calligraphy ideas, color and placing, as well as some great ways to refashion your favorite clothing items.
She also has great photos and an easy to navigate site.

If you are in the Sleepy Hollow/Tarrytown area, I would highly suggest making a visit to the Flying Fingers yarn shop! It's an adorable shop set-up, snug in the main street of Tarrytown. They have a wonderful, colorful selection of wool, angora, and blended yarns!
And if you have a moment to spare, take the 30-second walk up the street to Coffee Labs! It's a warm coffee shop with their own roaster, right in the cafe!
Don't forget to ask about their burlap sacks (and get one for me too!).


Well that's all for now, what are your favorite places?
Do you have a blog/shop that you just love?
Let me know and after a preview I'll feature it here!

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