Friday, 17 December 2010

{Apple Cider and Van Gogh}

I found this peaceful print in my studies for the Humanities exam and I think that it's the most non-van Gogh looking painting that I've seen yet. Quite a far cry from Sunflowers and Almond Branches in Bloom, San Remy, this simple piece is giving the viewer a peak at her knitting labor.

How did you like my ultra mini-Sister Wendy commentary?
I must say that I will be very sad when this exam is over; I've really enjoyed all of the art, literature, and music studies!


Well, we are planning to spend the latter part of next week at my Grandparent's home in the Texas hill country. This will be our first Christmas with them in this great state; usually we would go to see them in frigid New Mexico but since they moved here last year, this will be different.
I'm very happy to say that the scheduled knitting/sewing projects are done for the month and I'm furiously working on a few side projects for my Dad, a sweet friend, myself,
and a new pattern. Hopefully pictures will follow of...

a Harry Potter-like hat and scarf,
a super cute and warm Longford and/or Republic hat,
a lavender, lacy cardigan, and
a sweet, yellow beret
(a new pattern from Stitch Nation that I
found--for free!--at Hobby Lobby).

Yes, the knitting basket is full again and I have this hankering for hot apple cider--again!
The urge came to me in Baltimore and I'm afraid has followed me all
around our travels and back here at home.
Unlike chocolate chaud, you can keep drinking apple cider without the fear of a sugar rush.
At any rate, back to knitting.

Happy Merry Christmas

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