Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Family Portraits

I love old photographs.
One of the antique shops that we seasonally frequent has a box of old photo's for sale. Mostly there are quite a bit of wartime photo's and family shots like the one's above.
The knowledge that these were once cherished memento's makes looking through them a bit odd and slightly morbid.
At the same time, I'm glad that as the owners don't care for them anymore, someone else can;
Much better than dusting up someone's attic or the rubbish can.
And, as the cashier at the shop said,
"At least they're in good hands now".


What sorts of things do you keep an eye out for while you're shopping?
A few of mine are sentimental photo's, spoon rings, vintage fabrics, and depression glass.


Alyssa W. said...

What a fun post Elena! I love old photos too and was just thinking of posting a picture of a couple of them on my blog! :) Maybe next week...
Besides photos I look for old books and dishes, vintage patterns, fabrics, and quilts.

Ana W. said...

Hello Elena!
What a lovely post! I love old pictures too. (And the white roses picture frame is so pretty!)

When I'm at seconed hand stores I really like to look for old silverware! Even though they are tarnished I think they are so pretty and have so much character to them!
I think they'll make nice table settings someday too even though they don't match!



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