Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Sea Glass

Color B is one of my favorite "I really don't know the name of it" colors. It reminds me of a day on the California beaches when I found a piece of sea glass, lost the sea glass in a move but I still have the memory. It also reminds me of a cozy little cottage by the sea in England, and a particular room in that cottage where you can smell the salt and feel the brisk air but still have the comforts of a wool sweater and cup of something.
Not quite sure where that is either but it makes for a nice thought :)

This week I am working on a lace scarf for my sweet friend Amanda, as she is temporarily moving up North (Brr!). The yarn is the same used in the hat that I made her but I am trying out a different lace pattern. It's just complicated enough to keep me from being bored but just simple enough to do while talking--perfect!

I'm also planning out an embroidery project for my sister,
check out Amanda Soule's shop banner for my inspiration! I'm afraid I can't tell you more until the unveiling at her casa (I want the final product to be a surprise).
Stay tuned!

What is keeping your work basket full these days?

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