Tuesday, 8 May 2012

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It's no secret that I love estate sale shopping.
The thrill of the chase is so fun and it makes for a really entertaining weekend at times. 
Well, one fine Saturday we girlies went to an estate sale, after walking through my usual rooms (kitchen, dining room etc) I made my way to the bedroom closet, and there I found it. Behind the granny sweaters and 80's cast-offs, there was the mumu; bright, cheerful, and nearly sliding off the hanger, it was there.
$4 later I was the happy owner and as soon as I got home I promptly pulled out the seam ripper and got to work on the gargantuan material. After cutting and singeing I sewed these bright beauties together (surviving with only one burn!) and now I present them to you. 
What do you think?

Personally, I think they'd make a great addition to your Mother's Day gift package.
Just say'in...

At any rate, I've been making some marvelous knitting discoveries (as you may have seen from this board); already I've added this bonnet pattern and this knitted top to my project list. Now the knitted top is kind of a really big deal for me, I've seen many knitted tops gone wrong in my short lifetime and I don't want to be that person walking around with an ill-fitted fiber top (perhaps you've seen sometime like that before). 
However, this seems like a pretty fool-proof pattern, and my hopes are high.
More on that later.

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