Wednesday, 2 May 2012

new products//hi there may

Today I wanted to formally introduce you to the new products in the shop. When I was listing them I was reminded of how hard it is to sell my vintage finds; there's something wonderful about walking into an older home and looking for fun, unique things. I love piecing the previous owner's life together, just using their earthly goods, trying to picture what their life was like and what they found beautiful.

Also, don't forget about the fun giveaway going on at namaste by day! You still have five more days to skip hop over there and enter!

What are your goals this fine May?
Though we've just begun, I already have a few big ticket items knocked off the list--budgeting! Now the task is to faithfully plug in all of my personal/business spending and keep things looking tidy!
I'd also like to send out a few sample packages to different brick-and-mortar shops in my area and see about upping the number of items in the shop.

I'm also wanting to get some bigger craft projects finished; handmade spoon rings and felt flower wreath are in order, as well as some linen/burlap market bags and chalkpaint signs--what about you?

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