Friday, 4 May 2012

happy pinterest weekend


Happy Friday, ladies and gents.
What grand schemes do you have for the weekend?
For myself, the next few days will hold much laughter, stories, pillow talk, and good eats; yes, you guessed it, this is Sister Slumber Party Weekend! You know there are four girls in my family, well, we have a set of friends who are four sisters also (did that make sense?)! Though we have much in common (faith, convictions, interests, mutual affection for particular romantic comedies etc) we've only been together once as a group. So, in March we all marked our calendars for this weekend and are all meeting at mi casa for a weekend together. Yes, it's going to be marvelous (photos to come).

So, to start this weekend on the blog I thought I would share with you some of my favorite pins from my pinterest board (feel free to follow along!). Mostly I use it as a way to keep and organize the photos and ideas that inspire me; there is a craft board and I am thus far successful in actually using the pins that I post!
The above pin is taken from one of my favorite songs from this band; it's a shame they haven't done a concert in my city, ah well, youtube is almost as nice. ; )

If I lived in a climate that allowed it, I'd probably be dressed like this all most of the time; cardigans, sweaters, and cowls are so great.

Happy weekend everyone! Oh, and don't forget about this great giveaway--there's still time!
Perhaps sharing pins on Friday will become a tradition, what say you?

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