Tuesday, 4 October 2011


I know, I know, you think those flowers are pretty cute but despite your searching, you can't find them in the shop!
Well, that's because they are a part of the freebies you will receive when you order anything during the month of October!
That's right, each L & B item comes with a free of charge posey,
just because. : )

So, in an earlier post, I shared with you some of my goals for September, and as it is the beginning of a new month, I thought we ought to review and check off some things on our list as well as listing what we actually did: *sigh* here we go,

Organize Closet (again)---hehe, yeah, this halfway happened. : )
Create business goals for 2012
Post Fall 2011 Line for Shop (knitting, knitting, knitting)
Make two more projects using UK yarn (post to come)
Begin video series (Youtube, here I come!)

Research, research, research for my Light bulb Idea (again, post to come!)

And here are some of the things I actually did (that didn't make the list above),
Researched things for Etsy shop (lots of fine print reading)
Collected more items for my Light Bulb Idea
Knocked another "craft to-do" off my mental list
Odds and ends that I can't think of...
For our final list, here are some of the plans for October,
Pack gifts for Dubai friends
Plan and announce "Early Christmas Sale" for L&B
Create channel and post Youtube video
List another item to the vintage. section in the shop
For the first time, ship a sold item to an international destination (way down under!)
Contain my excitement of meeting several wonderful young women at this conference
(Are you attending as well? Let me know, I'd love to meet with you!)

I'm so looking forward to our time during the conference in North Carolina! We plan on making a mini-family roadtrip out of it and are driving up a week early to enjoy Charleston, a bit of the beach, and a fabulous little town called Hickory (I. can't. wait. A!!!); the fall colors, weather, and the search for fun little gifts along the way are just a few of the things I'm anticipating.

I'm also so excited about our first early-Christmas sale.
The sale will last for the entire month of October, right in time for our shop vacation (which will last until the end of December, I won't be able to ship things while I'm in Dubai!). Keep checking back for the details and coupon codes, also for the cut-off date for custom orders. 

What are your October plans?

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Anonymous said...

Eeek! Had to comment when you mentioned coming to my little town! :) Fall is happening early, and I'm hoping we'll still have fall colour to show you!


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