Friday, 14 October 2011

Encourage One Another {Patient Love}

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As I type this, I'm sitting/working/knitting/people watching in a coffee shop and I must say that this it probably one of my favorite things to do when I really need to get things done. I've got my headphones for when I really need to focus and can easily pop them out for when I need a break (love, love, love people watching). When it comes to the coffee I'm not really a frufru girl when I'm out (most because it's too expensive) but I love a good frothed cup of joe when I'm at home, but then you already know I'm just a social coffee drinker. Any other social coffee drinkers out there?
This weekend I'll be scurrying around arranging my samples ready to take to a few brick-and-mortar shop while in the lovely North Carolina. What are your weekend plans?

For this weeks encouraging link, I wanted to share with you the following post on
I think there are some great thoughts written and would love to know your own thoughts on the matter!

Be sure to participate here,

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Anonymous said...

Tomorrow will be ONE WEEK until you're here!!!!! Can't wait to see you and have some time with you getting to really know you in person! Blue envelope coming your way sometime this week!



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