Monday, 10 October 2011

Early Smiles {a sale!}

Things That Make Me Smile:
yarn shops
a particular little man running with chubby cheeks
black and white photos
lying in the sun, at the beach
hunting for sea glass
wearing knits (especially handmade)
cold weather and hot drinks/munchies
playing boggle with friends and family 
lacto-fermented carrots (call me crazy)
and particularly,

What makes you smile? 
Tell me and you could qualify for free shipping on your next purchase
(Bet you want to comment now, don't you? Well, finish reading and then comment)

Now, back to our sale announcement, I call it the
Lemons and Blueberries
Early Smiles Sale
As I'll be away from my closet studio during the Christmas sale/purchasing season, I wanted to give you a 30% off coupon code, good for anything in the shop as well as custom orders! At the time of your purchase, please type in the code: 1EARLYSMILE
and you'll have 30, yes, 30% off your purchase (custom, ready-made, or vintage!). Go ahead, get over there and smile.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Taking naps during a thunderstorm.



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