Tuesday, 18 October 2011

knitting my bit

I really love these posters from WWII, they're so creative and echo a unique time of hard work; it's one of my very favorite periods to study and I love reading about nearly every area regarding it.
As you can imagine, the one above print is one of my favorites. : ) 

Last week I mentioned that I was arranging my samples to take to North Carolina, well this week I am here to tell you that I. wasn't. kidding. There is a mental list somewhere with a outline of each item I need to make before flying out on Friday; there's really only three sample boxes to make, and--if I spend my time well--there is just enough time for what I need to make. This time around I'll mostly be knitting, with only a few sewing projects; thankfully they're both things that can be done in traffic, long grocery lines, listening to this groovy tune and this enjoyable book, and while watching Jane Eyre (I l.o.v.e. that one). 
Praise the Lord for this glorious wind blew in a delicious 65 degree morning today and I am reveling in the chilly breeze! It makes working with wool blends that much more wonderful.
So, until Friday evening, I'll be 
          ...singing. Yes, though only one of us Marques Chica's takes lessons, we all sing quite liberally. We've taken to turning up our playlists on youtube and pandora just enough so that we sound just like the bands we play. 
          ...working out every.day. even though my Dad isn't here to partake in our bleary-eyed sessions. 
          ...sewing up necklaces to take to NC. Instant gratification projects are just great.
          ...knitting up items to take as well as planning a knitted outfit for the bun in the oven of a sweet friend (It's so fun to knit for little babies).
          ...sipping a yummy brew of coconut chai (with almond milk, please!)
          ...packing, both mentally and literally. The former for a trip to Dubai and the latter for this trip to NC, it's so sad/funny that I have to continually be...
          ...reminding myself that I don't own these fabulous english riding boots (or these either), like I said, sad/funny mostly sad though.
          ...containing my utter excitement at visiting with some beautiful and dear people in the coming weeks and months (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!).

What will you be doing?

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