Friday, 7 January 2011

Happy Friday

{Remnants from a past project}

How is your Friday going?
Today has held very much studying (microeconomics--very different from studying for the Humanities exam!), thinking, writing, and planning. I'm very excited to be helping to plan a semi-surprise birthday party for a friend. Semi-surprise meaning that the Birthday Person knows there will be a party, just not the details. I'm also making a hat for the Birthday Person which will be pretty fun to have in the knitting basket!

Recently I've been enjoying the musical collaborations of
Mark O'Connor, Yo Yo Ma, and Edgar Meyer, particularly in their Appalachia Waltz album.
My new favorite is "First Impressions", I've been listening to it constantly,
along with Edith Piaf of course :)

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


Rebecca said...

Yay for Yo Yo Ma! :-D

Kyleigh said...

I found Edgar Meyer a few weeks ago, "The Farmer and the Duck," and loved it, but didn't realize there was so much more... right now I love his duet that he wrote, the one with him and Yo-Yo Ma. and Zig.... I can't spell the rest. And hearing the cello suite on double bass makes me just about die. I've been in love with double basses ever since I played one this summer.


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