Tuesday, 18 January 2011

"I Died Last Month"


I know, you're super curious about the title for this post but you're just going to have
to wait for a bit while I get a few details out of the way.

Well, this past week has been full of traveling, Spanish, and paella (yummy dinner!).
I'm pleased to say that I have quite a few orders from our out of town excursions and and new yarn balls waiting in the wings. It's exciting to have so many projects on hand as it pushes me to greater heights of time management!

Do you have any special way of organizing projects? I'd love to hear how you manage your creativity, so send me an email/comment with your methods and they could be shown in a future post!

Now to the post title.
A sweet sister, Emily Rose from Simply Vintage Girl, posted her latest article entitled,

Which greatly challenged and encouraged me. I think it is important to read carefully, pray about, and ponder what she has to say, I hope you'll be challenged as well.
Here is one of my favorite bits from her post,

But that, in itself, is one of the beauties of Christ’s love.
He takes the weak and makes them strong. He takes the proud and makes them humble.
He takes the clay, He molds the clay.

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