Friday, 21 January 2011

Special Friends and Finds

{Part of today's finds at an estate sale}

This morning we all marched out into the crisp air and headed to a promising estate sale!
This one was pretty reasonably priced and held a variety of treasures;
there were marine uniforms from WWII as well as a collection of beer, wine, and whiskey barrels (all empty). It was interesting to think about the previous owners but I try not to think too deeply when I'm going through their belongings.
{I simply adore Tennyson's poems and
I'm so glad this collection includes so many of my favorites!}

I found a lovely, worn copy of Tennyson's poems, a 1960's coffee table book of Da Vinci, a big basket (A great deal, Aunt Amparo!), and a cute Dutch tin--not quite sure what I'll put in it but I know it will be a super cute replacement for something!

I just love it when birthday's seem to go on forever!
Yesterday some dear friends gave me this yarn as a belated birthday gift! They purposefully waited to get it when they travelled up to Montana to visit family.
This yarn was from the 2010 spring shearing batch from Serenity Sheep Farm Stay and I'm thinking that my first pair of handknit socks may come from these!
For now it will reside in my birdcage of treasured yarns, no really, I have a metal birdcage in which I keep yarn. Mostly it's filled with different yarns from Scotland, England (Both via Dad), a sweet friend, and now yarn from the happy sheep in Montana!
I realize that all yarn is local somewhere but I really like to buy yarn from local farmers in whatever area I happen to be in, kind of like buying organic at a farmer's market. It's fun to think that the sheep and people who spun the yarn don't live that far away from where you bought it, I even love the uneven way the dyes come out in the yarn; makes the end product that much more handmade.
It's one of the little things that make knitting fun and relaxing.
So, if you're ever in an local yarn shop and you happen to think of me,
go ahead and buy a few skeins :)

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