Monday, 9 January 2012

of adventures remembered

Let me begin by saying that I love traveling.
 I love most everything about it and this trip was no exception; as I've been sharing with my friends and family about my six weeks in Dubai. it's been difficult to put everything in a nutshell conversation. How do I begin to share about all that God showed me in that time, the sweet people we met, or the experiences we had?
Those were my thoughts when I first came home, now it's been nearly a month and I've been able to collect the highlights and organize them into a nice conversational piece.
One of the things that I was most looking forward to before I left was talking with people there, believers and non-believers alike, I was excited about hearing their stories and learning more about whomever I met. I love doing that here in the States but I knew of the great diversity in Dubai and I was excited about that diversity. 

Looking back, this is probably one of my favorite things about our Middle Eastern Holiday.
I absolutely loved absorbing the different cultures and hearing what other people had to contribute to the conversation; now that I've typed that out, I realize that the same thing happens right here in Texas, just not quite so diverse. : )

Aside from the hilarious interesting amiable wonderful people I met and talked with, one of the sweetest blessings on the trip was spending time with and learning from our dear friends, who not only shared six weeks of their lives with us, but took us into their family and taught me, by example, many things. I'm so grateful for the wisdom and insight they shared and the love they so freely gave. They contributed a large part to the example of true brotherly affection that was shown, praise the Lord for the fellowship His gives to His saints!

I loved learning about the fascinating history and culture Dubai has to offer; each place has some interesting, slightly bizzare bit to offer the traveler, the old spice souks, Mall of the Emirates (the one with the ski slope in it!), and bustling Satwa markets as examples, not to mention the fountains at Dubai mall and the array of dates (truly a culinary art form).

People have asked me about the food and I really can't say enough about it.
Coming from an avid "foodie" home, I was really looking forward to all of the yummy, strange, different, and delicious foods that I might try. We had LOTS of pita breads, cheese breads, hummus, and shawarma's (love, love, love those). It was very inspiring to be around a different set of spices and flavors, but most everything was just a bit familiar, like the traditional Arab breakfast we had in Al Ain. Beans, tomatoes, onion, garlic, eggs; doesn't this say Mexican food? Well, it did to my sister and I.

Everyone is either Mexican or wants to be Mexican---my Grandmother just may be right. ; )
I know for certain that in future posts here and in my other blog, I'll be sharing more bits of my trip but for now, I'd like to end this post by encouraging you to
...expand your horizons. 
There is much more to people and places than just in your town or circle of friends.

...(if you are a Believer) consider carefully how you show love to others.
Is it fully and without reserve? Is it Biblical and in ways that will point them to Christ?
How are you showing hospitality to those around you, Believing and non alike? 
Do people see something different in you?

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