Monday, 23 January 2012

explanations and progress

{you got it right, this is the same photo used on this personal post!

Please accept my sincerest apologies for last weeks unexpected blogging break; due to technical reasons beyond my knowledge to explain, we were out of internet. It was peaceful in that we had time to focus on other things but slightly sad in that we felt pretty isolated from world events and emailed photo's of adorable nieces. Know that I had some pretty interesting craft posts in queue, but alas...they'll just have to keep. ; )
While the internet was still available, I was able to listen to some really excellent sermons and groovy (yes, groovy) music; I'm a pretty big fan of and most enjoy listening to sermons by Paul Washer, Marc and Matt Glass, Peter Masters, and, naturally, the elders at GFBC. Sermonaudio also offers sermons in a plethora of other languages and I sometimes get a kick out of listening to sermons in German and French, trying to glean from what I still remember!
As for groovy tunes, I must confess my eclectic taste in music.
It's true, my list of favorites goes across the musical board; ranging from the delicate Beriot concertante to most everything by The Civil Wars (this one and this one are my current favorites) and Jars of Clay (really like their rendition of this beautiful hymn) all they way to---well, here's the link to my playlist, should you feel so inclined. : ) Lest you think that I like everything, know that there are at least two genre's that I really don't enjoy, but that's a story for another time.
 Do you like my camel? I've not named him since I don't really keep track of the names of inanimate objects, even my fish (when I had them). At any rate, Camel came from a wonderful antique museum in Dubai, along with some other treasures. Though I didn't see any camels while I was there, it serves as a reminder to me of the sweet times the Lord allowed us to have in Dubai.
And the bird-less bird cage? Well, it's the second in my bird-less birdcage collection, currently holding yarn from (yes) Dubai, I can't wait to show you the finished product of the yarn!
I also wanted to show you the lovely gift of a necklace that my sweet friend, Cait gave to me while in (you guessed it) Dubai. I wish I could show you a photo of the packaging but just know that it was a wonderful example of her superb creative skills! I love being reminded of the treasured times we had to spend together, praise the Lord for sister's in Him! Also, the necklace goes with pretty much everything I own, which is a major plus.

This week has filled up quickly but I am looking forward to savoring the early mornings and relishing in the late nights (this isn't really a week for sleeping). At the end of these full days is a merry time with four adorable and fun sisters who are also sweet friends; it's one of those relationships wherein you know so much about each other that you feel as if you are good friends before you have even met! 

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