Thursday, 12 January 2012

shop updates and chalkboard paint

We're back on Etsy!
After our Dubai holiday and project planning, I've updated and restocked the online shop with items, some you've seen before as well as some new items (with more new ones coming soon!). For January and February I'm focusing on organizing and scheduling, paying more attention to the "business side" of my business; being faithful with the little I have, realizing that this probably won't end but continue on throughout the years!


Also this month, I took the plunge, drove to the home improvement store (a place very foreign to me), and bought my very first can of chalkboard paint! All those times of gathering ideas on pinterest (yes, I have one of those, I love it) are now being put on the "creative schedule; so when you come to my casa, beware, if you are still long enough, you may just be covered with chalkboard paint. Do you have any chalkboard paint experience? Let me know, I'm always open for more ideas; from of the plethora many ideas on pinterest, this project is one of my favorites.

What about you? Any major projects/goals you are working toward completing? I think if you purpose to be industrious with your precious time, there will always be something on the every-growing "to-do" list, and I know firsthand how wonderful it is to prioritize and schedule things (yes, even a creative person loves order!). How do you prioritize your time?


The Pedersen Family said...

Hurray for home improvement stores! I suppose that it is indicative of the variety of projects I've done that I'm pretty much as comfortable in Home Depot as in Hobby Lobby! One fun idea I saw once for chalkboard paint was a child-sized table with a chalkboard top for all those small artists. Another idea I've seen is to mix some of the chalkboard paint with white to make a couple different shades of gray, and then paint a checkerboard which you can then use as a calendar!

Have a lovely Saturday!


Elena said...

Great idea, Anna! Do you know, I don't think I've seen that one yet...


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