Monday, 28 November 2011


 I'm here!!!
If you've followed my other blog you'll know that already and will have seen pictures of what my sister and I have been up to the past few weeks. As I've already mentioned, Dubai is such a glamorous city and definitely caters to the wealthy while there is also a large portion of the population that is hard-working and just here to make money for their families back home; there really isn't much of a middle-class since you have to be working in order to stay in the country (unless you're on holiday, like me).
 I've really loved being here.
Our dear friends have been so kind and generous and I quite feel as if I live here myself, very odd, especially considering that it's only been three weeks; perhaps it is because of the familiarity that has already been established, the grocery stores and places of interest are discovered, kindred spirits are met, and there is a solid church already in order. 
I love that we literally walk around the corner to a closet-sized grocery shop (price tags not included) and purchase milk, eggs, full-cream yogurt, and whatever other kitchen necessities we may need.
I love that the beach is a 5-minute brisk walk away and that Mica and I can run in the wee small 
hours of the morning right next to the beach 
(I don't love the mangy cats that we have to avoid but who's counting the dislikes?).
I love the way the sun rises in the morning room and that if we get up at 5 am like we're supposed to I can have an entire hour of still, morning quiet to read and pray.
I love that---for the first time---someone here thought that I was Mexican and not Indian, Middle Eastern, or Italian; not that I mind but it was a pleasant surprise to know that I do look somewhat Mexican.
I love that the store bought eggs come with feathers and that beautiful artisan bread is so inexpensive.
I love meeting people from every corner of the globe and I love hearing their stories.

Stay tuned.  : )


sarah beth said...

sounds absolutely lovely! Thanks for the update Elena. :)

Jacqueline @ said...

I am in awe of the visuals I am getting as I read this amazing post. This must be a really neat family in the Lord! What a mind-bending experience! I'll be coming over to the other blog :) See you there!


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