Wednesday, 18 January 2012

of paint pens and peanut butter m&m's

Yesterday I started my first painting project (pictures to come!); a dear family has commissioned me to make name signs for their children and this week I've started with the so-far youngest child's name. I'm happy to say that with a fine tip paint pen, calligraphy on canvas is indeed possible! I'm very exciting to finish the lettering part of the project today and begin the decorative bits tomorrow (or later this afternoon?).
To be quite honest, I really haven't done much crafting with canvas before and was so pleased to discover that there really isn't anything to it, at least as far as my projects are concerned. So, watch out, you may just see a flood of new paint items in the shop soon! At the very least you can look forward to tomorrow's post where I'll show you the process and the product thus far.

What sorts of things do you have in your crafting schedule?

Another small tidbit for today is a note on the startlingly positive influence of peanut butter m&m's. For the second time this month my darling mama has bought a big bag of them and they are currently being held in our Vietnamese serving bowl in the china cabinet. A great practice in self-control as the door of the cabinet opens pretty loudly. ; )

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Anonymous said...

Love the chalkboard back drops to your products and your new edible inspiration! Must be on the look out for these! Love you- letter coming soon!



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