Friday, 1 July 2011

Today's the Day {Giveaway}

Well, folks, our giveaway goes from today until midnight tomorrow,
so, go ahead and comment on this post!
Remember, this giveaway is a part of the Happy Summer! giveaway
hosted by Sarah from forgiven. love much.
When you're done here you ought to head over there and see the giveaway
roundup; there's more fun to be had you know.



Rachel Keeth said...

I am following your blog and my email is .

I am not sure which story to tell about... I guess I will go with my friends I talk to the most. I have a few friends that I met online at a forum (Homeschool Alumni). We met in the chat room for the forum and now I talk with them for a few hours almost everyday. :D

The Pedersen Family said...

Count me in, Elena!

I just followed your blog, after being mildly surprised to see that I hadn't already done so...

One friend that I've stayed close to, even though we don't get to see each other very often, is a dear lady from our old church. She would always ask me what God was doing in my life, which forced me into a level of reflection and consideration that, as an eleven- or twelve-year-old, I didn't often engage in! She still asks, and I love it!

I know you already have my address (e-mail and physical), so cheerio!



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