Monday, 4 July 2011

Sweet Summer Days

This week will be full of moving, packing, moving, swimming, packing, moving, and more packing (more on that in me and my sister's blog). Tomorrow night my sister, a few friends, and myself will be seeing the opening performance of Emma--so excited! I'll admit that I'm a lover of Jane Austen and Emma is no exception, one of my top three Austen favorites you might say.
Going to the theater is not an everyday occasion for us, so I treasure each time we can go--are there any other theater-going lovers out there?
Next week I will be heading off to the Texas Hill Country again! Yes, as my eldest sister is expecting her fourth (this will make three girls!), I'm off to be with her before, during, and after she has her baby. Lord willing, my brother-in-law will be in town during the birth, so my job will be the "Mary Poppins" sort. : )
Which I absolutely love!
I'm going armed with new recipes (we'll see what the Stickies think about paleolithic eating), some crafty projects, and supplies to make a few baby booties and possibly another sweater.
Let's not forget my sweater for The Summer Sweater Knit a Long! I'm halfway through the back piece and am slowly but surely knitting along! I'd really like to finish soon as I am excited to wear this very sweet sweater (the entire outfit is planned already!). I'll also be working on some new items for the shop, some fun summer things to keep it interesting. : )
I'd love to squeeze in some reading time but with everything else I'm not sure that's possible, do you have times like that? I am plenty of half-finished books on the shelf and for the most part, that's where they are most of the time--on the shelf. I'll have to show you the new literary treasures I've found (actually my Mum spotted them first) at some recent estate sales; one is an illustrated first edition of Cranford and the other is an edition of Jane Eyre--nope, haven't fully read either copy yet! But I can assure you, they are treasured even if they aren't read!

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